Wolverine vs. Deadpool in X-Force Movie?

  • Superhero battles in the comics are always the coolest especially when pitting two popular heroes. Few, however, can match the commercial appeal of a Wolverine vs. Deadpool battle. Can you imagine if these two ever went at each other in a movie?

    Forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Don’t mention to anyone that it ever existed! The final battle between Wolverine and something that appears to be Deadpool is not the fight that fans deserved. Hugh Jackman, Mr. Wolverine/Logan, himself said that he would like to get another opportunity to do battle with Deadpool again.


    Think about a future match-up between these two, who could be in the same movie together where they both clash. That would be something worth looking forward to. How does 2018 sound?


    Why 2018? Because Fox has an unspecified Marvel film set for July 13th, 2018. It could be a sequel to 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse or it could very well be the X-Force movie we’ve all been waiting for.

    Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes explains.

    “As for Jackman’s words about fighting Deadpool, that’s still in the cards too and if Jackman signs on beyond Wolverine 3, it’s possible that the unannounced 2018 mystery project by Fox is an X-Force movie, since the studio already tapped Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) to put together its script. That movie, according to Wadlow, would take elements from the classic and modern X-Force comics and feature a roster of five characters. One of his favorite characters he mentioned to our own Kofi Outlaw is – wait for it – Deadpool. If X-Force happens, expect to see Deadpool and Wolverine in among the top 5 and that would be a marketable launchpad for a solo Deadpool film shortly thereafter, just like X-Men: Apocalypse could be that for Gambit.


    Let’s just make sure Deadpool doesn’t have his mouth shut again, and gets his red and black costume.”

    If a script is already in the works for X-Force, then it’s quite possible that we’ll see the team make its way onto the big screen soon. Should that happen, with Wolverine and Deadpool both presumably in the film, then expect Jackman to get his wish eventually.


    Do you agree with our prediction that X-Force is the movie that Fox is preparing for in 2018? Or could it be another X-Men film that serves as a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse?


    Source: Screen Rant 

    Image sources: Screen Rant, ComicBookTherapy.com



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