We Love DEADPOOL! Here’s 23 Reasons Why You Should Love Him, Too!

  • Outside of his fanbase and the comic books and gaming universe, there’s still quite a lot of people who don’t know Deadpool. In fact, there are many who may actually dislike him, too! HERESY!!! But seriously, I think one of the reasons why some people are unsure about where they stand when it comes to the Merc with a Mouth is that they don’t really know him that much.

    So we’re here to change all that ignorance, passiveness and possibly hatred (Come on—really?) toward Wade Wilson’s alter ego. Tanner Ringerud from BuzzFeed listed down 23 reasons why all of us should love Deadpool. Yes, even you. While there may be more reasons to love our favorite mercenary and soon-to-be-author, these are some of the best ones.

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    We Love DEADPOOL! Here’s 23 Reasons Why You Should Love Him, Too!

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    Forget Thanos, Ultron, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The X-Men, and every other character that outsells Deadpool every month. Deadpool is your new favorite Marvel character.

    1. He’s a master of breaking the fourth wall.

    Deadpool’s most notorious trait is his tendency to break the fourth wall in his books. Not many comic book characters know they exist within a work of fiction, but Deadpool thrives on it. Every now and then he’ll drop a comment to the artist or writer working on his book, or reference the idea that he’s a fictional character like in the panel above, much to the confusion of whoever happens to be nearby.

    2. He can be pretty heroic when he needs to be.

    Deadpool can be a pretty complex character. His heroic deeds are often few and far between, but now and then he does something so selfless and touching that it cements his status as a hero. When Archangel was on the brink of death, Deadpool nursed him back to health by cutting off chunks of his own flesh. Inspiring.

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    We Love DEADPOOL! Here’s 23 Reasons Why You Should Love Him, Too!


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