TV Review: Leaked The Flash Pilot Episode is Incredible!

  • The Flash pilot episode has leaked and it has gone viral.

    Many torrent sites are now sharing the video online though the show is yet to air officially on the CW this Fall. Warner Bros. has since pulled the plug on the leaked copy but it is now too late. Bleeding cool says that “it joins a proud history including Doctor Who, Heroes, Global Frequency, Wolverine, Hostel 2, Wonder Woman and Ellen DeGeneres’ personal screener of Walter Mitty.”


    The video states that it is,

    For promotional use only. Not for review, resale or rental.

    This means that this was meant for certain eyes to see only but it is now being “promoted” all over the world. I wish I could give you my own two cents worth but I haven’t seen it so we will be sharing with you Reid Jones’ review of the episode from Movie Pilot.

    SPOILER ALERT: The following review contains material which you may not want to read until after watching The Flash pilot episode.

    “If I were to summarize the episode, it would sound something like this:

    During the course of the first episode, Barry Allen watched his mom's murder, becomes a crime scene investigator, establishes the perfect soap opera love life issues, gets struck by lightning, goes into a coma for 8 months, becomes a superhero, clears his fathers name, stops a weather-controlling villain, and dons his costume, all complete with the series' own version of a post-credits scene.

    Considering the budget that the series has, the CGI was never to the point that it was unbelievable or not something that felt plausible. In all honesty, the pilot episode felt so well done that you could launch the episode by itself and call it an hour-long Flash movie. The approach towards the series seems to feel that way now: a movie with plans for more sequels than you can imagine. That is a very good feeling.”


    Jones also says that it has action, romance, and comedy. Click here to read the entire spoiler-full review.


    From what I’ve read in the comments section, those who watched the pilot episode are all raving about The Flash. One guy even said that he thinks that it’s better than CW’s Arrow. While that’s high praise for a single episode, let’s wait ‘til the first season is over before making too much out of the show. Just the same, if the pilot episode is any indication, the series not only looks promising, it’s off to a fast start.



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