Three More Villains Added to Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice

  • Just when you thought that there were too many super-heroes in Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, apparently, there will be just as many of them as our heroes.

    SPOILERS AHEAD: Stay clear of this post if you don’t want spoilers.


    In addition to Lex Luthor, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review revealed that three other villains are coming to the big screen to make life difficult for Superman and Batman. The new villains are Victor Zsasz, David Cain and Morgan Edge. Though lacking in popularity, the three offer big time trouble to our heroes.

    Movie Pilot introduces us to all three:

    Victor Zsasz:


    David Cain:

    David Cain

    Morgan Edge


    According to the same report, Amanda Waller, the toughest and most persistent enemy from within the government that the Justice League have ever had will also be in the film. Here’s how Movie Pilot describes her:

    Amanda Waller



    If all three villains plus one semi-villain appear in the film, don’t say we didn’t warn you. They may play big roles or they may simply make cameo appearances in preparation for the big one—The Justice League live-action movie.

    Are you excited that there are these many villains on the film? Or are you worried that there’s too many that the film might suffer?

    Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice is set for release in theaters on May 6, 2016.

    Sources: Movie Pilot, Latino-Review

    Image sources: Comic Vine,, Digital




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