The JUSTICE LEAGUE QUIZ: Which Superhero are You?

  • I’ve always loved the Justice League and wanted to be Superman after watching him in the Saturday morning cartoon show, The Super Friends. I had the costume and my cousins next door were Batman and Robin. I had to be the Man of Steel since I was older than them and I’m allowed to choose the best. Haha! So when I took this fun test from Movie Pilot’s Kit Simpson-Browne, I was so ecstatic to find out that I was Superman! Cool!

    Relive your childhood fantasy of becoming a superhero with this very cool and enjoyable test from Movie Pilot.

    Click on this link now to take the test! You might be wonderfully surprised to know that you’re exactly who you’ve always wanted to be. Now if I could only become an action figure, too…hmmm…

    Sources: Movie Pilot

    Image sources: Comic Vine



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