The FLASH Will Explore TIME TRAVEL This Season

  • With his time-traveling abilities, the Flash will be the major player in significantly impacting current the DC Cinematic Universe. Though DC Comics’ CCO Geoff Johns has stated that the movie and TV universes are different, should the TV Flash master time-traveling and dimension-hopping (both are related), we could see a merger of both in the movies perhaps even as early as the Justice League Part 1 movie set in 2017.


    Can you imagine the possibilities of a multiverse on the big and small screen and what it can do for DC and Warner Bros.’ image in the eyes of the fans? Marvel Studios will be in for a war should the Flash explore his time-traveling abilities this season and beyond. We can actually have a Crisis on Infinite Earths story (hinted at in the pilot episode) before the decade is over!

    Watch out for The Flash’s next episode, “Power Outage” which airs on November 25 on The CW.


    Image source:, DC, Screen Rant

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