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X-MEN NEWS: GAMBIT Movie Officially Underway

X-MEN NEWS: GAMBIT Movie Officially Underway

Channing Tatum has officially signed on the dotted line confirming his casting as the Cajun-mutant, Rogue-lovin’, Gambit. Tatum has been excited about playing the role from the get-go and that’s good news for X-Men fans who are looking forward to the next phase of X-Men movies. The actor is set to play Gambit in a

If not BLACK ADAM, Dwayne Johnson as APOCALYPSE Would Be Breathtaking

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson already cast as Black Adam for DC/Warner Bros.’ Shazam film, there’s no chance that he could play the X-Men’s nemesis, Apocalypse. That is, unless you use your imagination and some digital artwork expertise which professional artist Lucas Parolin has in abundance. What he came up with is nothing short of

SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

The recent announcements of superhero movies for the next few years have everyone excited especially the comic book fans who are the winners in all of this. DC and Warner Bros. have added to the already busy next few years with the announcement of ten superhero movies to hit the big screen in the next

Fox’s X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Crossover is Possible

Two of Marvel’s estranged movie franchises, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four may create a path that Marvel hasn’t tread yet—a movie crossover between two super-teams. 20th Century Fox who owns the movie rights to both may one day bring these two together in one massive film unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Read more

VERSUS! Discover the 10 Most Popular COMIC BOOK HERO/VILLAIN RIVALRIES of Our Time

Rivalries are important to the comics which are rife with super-powered rivalries between heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. But which hero/villain rivalry is the most popular? Movie Pilot’s Solon Papagergiou gives us the lowdown on the choices that fans have made on their website. Find out the top 10

‘NO MORE MUTANTS’ in 2015: Will the X-MEN Say Goodbye Next Year?

The Marvel vs. Fox war continues and the former appears to be aiming rapid fire at its opponent with the “No More Mutants” event for 2015. It appears that Marvel may be doing away with its most enduring and popular team and cast of characters in another effort to limit 20th Century Fox’s promotions for their

The X-MEN Shared Universe: What This Means for DEADPOOL and His Antics

One of the coolest and funniest things that Deadpool does is make fun of guys and gals from the X-Men comics universe. It makes for some hilarious moments in the Merc with a Mouth’s comics and in other comic book title’s covers, too! It’s reflected in the original script for Deadpool’s movie written by Tim

MARVEL SUPER HEROES: SECRET WARS to Make a Comeback in 2015

It’s back! The 1984-85 space–spanning crossover series will be making a comeback into the Marvel Comics Universe in May 2015. Long-time fans who enjoyed the series when it first came out in the 80’ss can look forward to another Secret Wars series which promises to outdo everything Marvel has ever done before…ever! Find out more about this

MARVEL vs. FOX: Why X-MEN Writers Can’t Create New Mutants

The X-Men comic books are some of the best-selling comics for nearly four decades thanks in large part to writers Chris Claremont and Len Wein. These two creators alone are responsible for the creation of many of the popular X-Men characters that we know. But now, news has come to our attention that Claremont and

HOT RUMOR: Are You Ready for a Live-Action X-MEN TV Series?

The X-Men are enjoying a new wave of success and popularity with the public once again after X-Men: Days of Future Past deleted their past failures on the movie scene. So how about bringing that success and popularity over on television? Bleeding Cool reports that Fox is in deep development over the creation of a

AVENGERS 3 Could Usher in the INHUMANS!

If you read our previous post, you’ll realize that a two part Avengers 3 film could mean a lot of major things happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the major events that the film could usher in is the introduction of the Inhumans to the big screen. With Marvel Studios lacking in mutant

WOLVERINE and SABRETOOTH Must-Haves on Entertainment Earth

The bitterest of rivals are featured today with Wolverine and Sabretooth on Entertainment Earth! These two combatants have been at it for the better part of a century with both still scrapping and clawing their way ‘til now. With the Death of Wolverine from Marvel Comics about to close, it’s time to honor Logan and

DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Xbox vs. Playstation: It’s Time to Take Sides in Fan Boys and Girls!

The debate between comic publishers, sci-fi movies, consoles, characters, and others is a never-ending one. When one of them throws a punch by way of a new release, the other tries to either copy what the other is doing or even trump its competition with something better. Just take DC vs. Marvel for example. Remember


There’s no question that Marvel Studio’s movies are based on the comics with a few changes here and there but still true to the characters’ roots. But did you know that the Marvel movies also influenced their comic book counterparts? Yes they did! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken on a life of its own

WATCH: Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Magneto, and the X-Men Get Fired in Ex-Men

Ever wonder what Professor X would be like if he acted like a jerk around the X-Men? Wonder no longer as The Pete Holmes Show answers your question! In this hilarious series called the Ex-Men, Professor X calls in each of his students to either fire them or ask them to do him a dastardly favor,

Jim Lee to Give Away 50 Sketches at San Diego Comic-Con!

DC’s Comics’ Co-Publisher, Jim Lee will be giving away 50 sketches at the San Diego Comic-Con this week to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday. The legendary artist of so many iconic images of the X-Men, the Justice League, Batman, and Superman, has generously sketched original artworks to be given away on his 28th Comic-Con which

5 Awesome Marvel Action Figures on Entertainment Earth!

Marvel has some of the best characters in the world and they also have some of the best action figures on Entertainment Earth. Today we highlight five (5) of the best of the best to perk up your boring week with the excitement of getting a brand new toy. If these don’t excite you, then