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10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

Yes I know this is debatable but ranking the most powerful super-heroes from DC and Marvel is a lot of fun! And that’s why this list was created in the first place. I’ve always had my own 10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel comics in my head but I haven’t actually put them on


Can Deadpool and Harley Quinn ever be together? DC and Marvel have had crossovers before to bring us battles that used to be impossible. We’ve had Superman battle Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, Batman fight Captain America, Wonder Woman go up against Storm, etc. But how about we have some love between the two comic book

5 Best DC SUPERHERO Costume Hoodies for HALLOWEEN on SALE!

It’s DC’s turn for your attention as our superhero costume hoodies series continues. After our 5 Best Marvel SUPERHERO Costume Hoodies for HALLOWEEN comes the best of the best in DC’s neighborhood. Just as with the Marvel hoodies, these DC hoodies are also on sale at Superhero Stuff. Make your Halloween costume party shopping easier

DC and MARVEL SUPERHEROINES Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Though October is about to end, we’d like to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month the superhero way with DC and Marvel superheroines joining in. The artwork that depicts four superheroines doing the self-examination is from artist Maisa Chaves known as Halfy on her deviantart account. Click below to see these beautiful artwork by Chaves! DC

WATCH: Are DC’s Movie Plans Too Much? We Recap What We Know So Far

After an incredible week that saw DC and Warner Bros. release their upcoming movies for the next six years, we needed a moment to digest everything. Thankfully, we can recap the entire thing along with a few bits of information with Nerdist News’ amazing  Jessica Chobot. And then, we’re also providing you links to everything


And with one announcement, DC has joined the battle for superhero movie supremacy. DC is taking some of the thunder from Marvel’s recent streak of movie-related announcements by releasing their plans for the next five years. The list is breathtaking for superhero fans like us and one which excites us for the future of DC’s

LINDA CARTER to Star as WONDER WOMAN in Digital Comic Book Series

The original Wonder Woman is back! Linda Carter will be donning the red white and blue once again as Wonder Woman in DC Comics’ newest digital comic book series, Wonder Woman ’77. Due to the increasing popularity of the character from Gal Gadot being cast in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, the

20 Super Awesome DC and MARVEL COSPLAYS!

DC and Marvel superhero cosplayers are some of the most dedicated comic book fans in the world and to see these images the other day made me a believer even more. Movie Pilot’s Darragh O’Connor provided the incentive with his article on their website, to share it, and then to come up with a few


Alright, ladies, it’s your turn to get fashionable the superhero way with costume shirts that you can wear for the Halloween. What’s more, the awesome folks from Superhero Stuff are giving 15% off on all Halloween costumes and costume shirts! Plus, they’re also giving a $7 discount for orders of $49 or more! Clothes and

QUIZ: Do You Have the Makings of a Superhero?

Are you the type to help people and rescue them from their troubles? Do you believe in truth, justice, and freedom? If yes, then you may be a superhero in disguise! If no, then you may be something else entirely…a super-villain! Comic books like DC and Marvel have long since been the source of our

DC and Warner Bros. Hint at Next 4 Superhero Movies

Warner Bros. just registered four domain names indicating the direction they and DC Comics are headed in their cinematic universe. After announcing a list of nine untitled movies with release dates last month, Warner Bros. has, for all intents and purposes, declared what four of them are with these registered domains. The list are as

DC vs. Marvel ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Who’s the Winner?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has invaded the comic book movie world DC vs. Marvel style! In response to the challenge before them, each of the following actors took it on like real pros—for Team DC: Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Ben Affleck (Batman and previously from Team Marvel as Daredevil) with wife

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Scenes Could Include Themyscira

The news around Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has almost always revolved around its cast or even around its director. This time, it’s about a location but it’s a location filled with beautiful women who are trained warriors—Themyscira, the birthplace and home of Wonder Woman. To find out more on this developing story click

Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonNarrows Down His Potential Casting to Shazam and Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson, more famously known as “The Rock,” has confirmed that he’ll be playing a character from DC Comics. He has been teasing us with the actual role for some time now but the description he gave previously seemed sure enough to be Shazam. He does, however, have the same powers and abilities as one

Red Hot DC Superheroes ArtFX Toy Action Figure Statues!

ArtFX Action Figure Statues are some of the hottest and most sought after DC Comics Toy Action Figure collectibles on Entertainment Earth. The quality and likeness of these statues are faithful to their comics counterparts like when the statues follow legendary artist Jim Lee’s depiction of the characters. It’s almost as if your comic books have

WATCH: Interview with Robin Williams as a Comic Book Fan; Batman and Wonder Woman Pay Tribute to the Actor

The world has been mourning the passing of the great comedic actor Robin Williams since last Monday. The man who brought so much joy and laughter to many people battled depression ‘til the day that he couldn’t fight it anymore. Today, we would like to remember him in the hobby that he loved as much

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Plot Details Leaked!

With the world having to wait almost two years for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to show up on screen, leaked plot details of the film have emerged. Perhaps this is a way to keep the fires of interest stoked for DC and Warner Studios’ fans or it could be fake. But the Hybrid

SDCC 2014: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice First Official Footage Shown at the Con

An armored Batman versus an angry Superman! Warner Bros. excited fans with the first official footage from the movie at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. It was a surprise opening which blew everyone’s socks off leading up to the panel which followed thereafter. It wasn’t the fact that there was a footage which was surprising