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The FLASH Will Explore TIME TRAVEL This Season

The FLASH Will Explore TIME TRAVEL This Season

The Flash will embark on some time travel according to the series’ Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. In an interview with TVLine, he said that the Fastest Man Alive will definitely do this sometime in the second half of the season. We all know that time travel is a huge part of the Flash’s life and

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN of JUSTICE Teaser for the Trailer Released Without Fanfare?

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is still more than a year away but fans are getting restless to see a trailer. Rumors say that they’ll release it in one of their movies, specifically with their sister company, New Line Cinema’s The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on December 17, 2014. But that


DC fanboys are sure to freak out about this one as Harley Quinn is about to join DC/Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad movie in 2016. Collider has just reported that their sources have confirmed that Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street will play Harley Quinn. Can you say O-M-G? Click “Next Page” below to read


After Marvel Studios and DC/Warner Bros. announced a bunch of movies for 2016 to 2020, superhero movies are now dominating the movie landscape. It has become common the past few years to expect at least two superhero movies every year. From 2015 onwards, however, expect between three to as much as ten superhero movies every

New KRYPTON TV Series Gears Up with MAN OF STEEL Writer

David S. Goyer is rumored to be part of the new Krypton TV series set in Superman’s birthplace. According to Bleeding Cool The Man of Steel writer is set to inject John Byrne’s influence in the project. Byrne is the legendary writer-artist who helmed the Superman reboot after Crisis on Infinite Earths changed DC Comics’ timeline. Click

MARVEL STUDIOS Announces Its PHASE 3 Movies with a BANG!

Take that DC! After its “Distinguished Competition” floored everyone last week with the announcement of ten films in 5 years, Marvel took center stage to announce its arrival to the dance. Today, Marvel Studios met with the press in a special event, to showcase its lineup of Phase 3 movies to announce the titles and

Will JADEN SMITH Play DC’s STATIC SHOCK in the Live-Action Series?

After announcing that a Static Shock live-action series will released, the latest rumor has Jaden Smith playing the character. If this is true, then the boy would be an excellent choice for the role. The son of Will and Jada-Pinketh Smith, Jaden will potentially be the third member of the Smith family to be in

If not BLACK ADAM, Dwayne Johnson as APOCALYPSE Would Be Breathtaking

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson already cast as Black Adam for DC/Warner Bros.’ Shazam film, there’s no chance that he could play the X-Men’s nemesis, Apocalypse. That is, unless you use your imagination and some digital artwork expertise which professional artist Lucas Parolin has in abundance. What he came up with is nothing short of

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN Teaser Trailer Ready for Release by DC/Warner Bros.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer created quite a buzz, didn’t it? Not to be outdone, Batman-On-Film reports that the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is ready for release this fall albeit in a different manner. Perhaps seeing the huge publicity generated bythe leaked trailer for Marvel’s premiere franchise, DC and Warner Bros. may try

SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

The recent announcements of superhero movies for the next few years have everyone excited especially the comic book fans who are the winners in all of this. DC and Warner Bros. have added to the already busy next few years with the announcement of ten superhero movies to hit the big screen in the next

WATCH: Are DC’s Movie Plans Too Much? We Recap What We Know So Far

After an incredible week that saw DC and Warner Bros. release their upcoming movies for the next six years, we needed a moment to digest everything. Thankfully, we can recap the entire thing along with a few bits of information with Nerdist News’ amazing  Jessica Chobot. And then, we’re also providing you links to everything


And with one announcement, DC has joined the battle for superhero movie supremacy. DC is taking some of the thunder from Marvel’s recent streak of movie-related announcements by releasing their plans for the next five years. The list is breathtaking for superhero fans like us and one which excites us for the future of DC’s

Are You Ready for The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES vs. the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? DC Takes on the Challenge!

Guardians of the Galaxy surpassing Man of Steel at the box-office is terrible news for DC. Enter: The Legion of Super-Heroes! Clap! Clap! Clap! If rumors are true that the Legion of Super-Heroes will be making it to the big screen because of GOTG’s success, then it was a good thing that the latter surpassed


Yesterday we posted leaked images of the Batmobile care of an Instagram user who saw Batman’s vehicle in his neighborhood. Despite the dusty-looking image which was posted, the photo went viral. Not to be outdone, Zack Snyder tweeted his own photo of the Batmobile… after a car wash, that is! It was a clearer image

DC and Warner Bros. Hint at Next 4 Superhero Movies

Warner Bros. just registered four domain names indicating the direction they and DC Comics are headed in their cinematic universe. After announcing a list of nine untitled movies with release dates last month, Warner Bros. has, for all intents and purposes, declared what four of them are with these registered domains. The list are as

Whatever Happened to the Original Justice League Movie?

What? You didn’t know there was an earlier version of the Justice League in the works? It seems like decades ago when George Miller’s Justice League would have been the first movie incarnation of the team that we would be talking about, three years ahead of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. The cast and crew were

Nightwing: The TV Series Trailer is Awesome!

The exciting new fan-film, Nightwing: the Series, released its first trailer a few days ago and it’s got us pumped up for more! As expected, announcement of when the series will be debuting was released via the series’ first trailer. If you’re a Nightwing Comics Superhero fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this new show that will