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10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

Yes I know this is debatable but ranking the most powerful super-heroes from DC and Marvel is a lot of fun! And that’s why this list was created in the first place. I’ve always had my own 10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel comics in my head but I haven’t actually put them on


Can Deadpool and Harley Quinn ever be together? DC and Marvel have had crossovers before to bring us battles that used to be impossible. We’ve had Superman battle Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, Batman fight Captain America, Wonder Woman go up against Storm, etc. But how about we have some love between the two comic book

Did HANK PYM Create ULTRON and not TONY STARK in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here’s How!

The assumption of us fans regarding the creation of Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that Tony Stark created him. Not Hank Pym who won’t be introduced into the MCU until after the Avengers: Age of Ultron. But sleuth investigations from Clevver Movies and Newsarama have made me a believer that Marvel isn’t going to change


It’s quiz time again!? This time, you get to find out whether you belong in Asgard from Thor, Knowhere from the Guardians of the Galaxy, or even in 1940’s America from Captain America. Or maybe somewhere else altogether. Thanks to Movie Pilot, they’ve got a quiz to tell you what world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Why BLACK WIDOW Didn’t Pick Up THOR’s Hammer in AVENGERS: AGE of ULTRON Trailer

Ever wondered why Black Widow passed up on the chance to pick up Thor’s hammer? In the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer released by Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes took turns trying to lift Mjolnir except for a few guys and our tough, redhead chick. Thanks to Hitfix we have a plausible theory which has been going around

Marvel Select AVENGERS Action Figures are a Must-Buy; Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Bank – Previews Exclusive On Sale Soon!

After such an awesome last few days of Marvel Studios announcements, it’s time to turn our attention to some Avengers action figures. Marvel Select has some of the best yet easily affordable action figures on Entertainment Earth. The lineup we’re featuring represents some of the key characters from the Avengers movie including Ultron who will


Avengers: Age of Ultron is once again foremost in fans’ minds as tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuted yet another exclusive clip from the movie. The video shows a huge chunk of the previous trailer released by Marvel Entertainment last week but as an added footage, the party scene in Avengers Tower was also

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON End Credits Scene Could Show Captain America’s Team for CIVIL WAR

Marvel Studios’ famous end-credits scene is rumored to have Captain America forming a new Avengers team. What this means has not yet been fully explored though we guessed back then that this team could be the West Coast Avengers. It might still be that but it could also be the beginnings of Cap’s anti-government team

VERSUS! Discover the 10 Most Popular COMIC BOOK HERO/VILLAIN RIVALRIES of Our Time

Rivalries are important to the comics which are rife with super-powered rivalries between heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. But which hero/villain rivalry is the most popular? Movie Pilot’s Solon Papagergiou gives us the lowdown on the choices that fans have made on their website. Find out the top 10

20 Super Awesome DC and MARVEL COSPLAYS!

DC and Marvel superhero cosplayers are some of the most dedicated comic book fans in the world and to see these images the other day made me a believer even more. Movie Pilot’s Darragh O’Connor provided the incentive with his article on their website, to share it, and then to come up with a few

MARVEL SUPER HEROES: SECRET WARS to Make a Comeback in 2015

It’s back! The 1984-85 space–spanning crossover series will be making a comeback into the Marvel Comics Universe in May 2015. Long-time fans who enjoyed the series when it first came out in the 80’ss can look forward to another Secret Wars series which promises to outdo everything Marvel has ever done before…ever! Find out more about this

Marvel’s the AVENGERS Coffee Mugs are HOT!

Want to start the day right with a cup of coffee? How about having coffee with the Avengers every morning? With Entertainment Earth about to release some gorgeous-looking mugs this coming October and November, you now have the option of having coffee with Captain America, Thor, Hulk, or Black Widow. Click on the link below

QUIZ: Do You Have the Makings of a Superhero?

Are you the type to help people and rescue them from their troubles? Do you believe in truth, justice, and freedom? If yes, then you may be a superhero in disguise! If no, then you may be something else entirely…a super-villain! Comic books like DC and Marvel have long since been the source of our

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Invades College! Course Offers Students Education on the MCU

It seems Marvel Comics isn’t done invading our consciousnesses. After comics, movies, toys, and games, Marvel is now set to educate us on their ways. Though this isn’t a course sponsored by Marvel or Disney, it promises to be a course that will excite any movie or comic book fan who enrolls. How I wish


There’s no question that Marvel Studio’s movies are based on the comics with a few changes here and there but still true to the characters’ roots. But did you know that the Marvel movies also influenced their comic book counterparts? Yes they did! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken on a life of its own

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Official Synopsis Reveals Plot Details

The plot details of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron has been teased with the release of the official synopsis from Marvel Studios. Though much of its plot has already been either leaked or rumored, it’s great to know that most of what we have heard about the movie is true. Read the synopsis by


Superman vs. Thor. The Man of Steel vs. The God of Thunder. Who will win in a battle between two of the most powerful heroes from DC and Marvel? This debate has been raging on for years since, perhaps, the 80’s when the DC Comics and Marvel Comics battle for comic book company supremacy reached