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STAR WARS #1 Gets a COOL Howard Chaykin Retro Variant as Reimagined by ALEX ROSS

STAR WARS #1 Gets a COOL Howard Chaykin Retro Variant as Reimagined by ALEX ROSS

Star Wars #1 gets the Alex Ross treatment with a super cool retro variant of Howard Chaykin’s original #1 cover from the legendary artist. If you’re a fan of good art, this is way better than you ask for! Even non-Star Wars collectors are sure to grab a copy of this gorgeous variant cover by

DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Xbox vs. Playstation: It’s Time to Take Sides in Fan Boys and Girls!

The debate between comic publishers, sci-fi movies, consoles, characters, and others is a never-ending one. When one of them throws a punch by way of a new release, the other tries to either copy what the other is doing or even trump its competition with something better. Just take DC vs. Marvel for example. Remember

Are You Ready for The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES vs. the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? DC Takes on the Challenge!

Guardians of the Galaxy surpassing Man of Steel at the box-office is terrible news for DC. Enter: The Legion of Super-Heroes! Clap! Clap! Clap! If rumors are true that the Legion of Super-Heroes will be making it to the big screen because of GOTG’s success, then it was a good thing that the latter surpassed

The Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, and Others: 8 Movie Extras Who Should Be on America’s Funniest Videos

The Dark Knight Rises is one of my favorite films of all-time. After watching an extra do some hilarious stunts, I love it even more! When taping films with extras, sometimes, the unexpected happens because you don’t expect them to follow the scene exactly as you would direct your actors. This makes for some very