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You may probably know a lot of tidbits about the Guardians of the Galaxy but we’re pretty sure you’ll find out more when you watch this clip from ScreenCrush, the creators of You Think You Know Movies videos. If you’re a true blue fan of the movie then you’ll definitely enjoy these fun facts! Head

MUST-WATCH! Guardians of the Galaxy How It Should Have Ended Video

The upcoming release of the Guardians of the Galaxy in DVD and Blu-ray has put the spotlight again on the summer blockbuster flick. They’re practically all over the news! Now the brilliant team that produces How It Should Have Ended videos has created its own set of endings for Star-Lord and company! Check out this hilarious video

The GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Blu-ray: STAR-LORD and RONAN Groove to the Beat in a Hilarious Dance-Off

You never could get over that climactic scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, could you? Well, neither could the rest of us. Arguably the most hilarious scene in a movie filled with funny moments, Star-Lord’s dance-off challenge to Ronan the Accuser along with his singing embodied the year’s highest grossing film. Apparently, there’s a version


Do you have the moves? According to this behind-the-scenes video from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt does. The actor showed off his moves in this video released by E! Online as they were shooting the scene where Star-Lord, played by Pratt, challenges Ronan the Accuser to a dance-off. Go to the “Next Page”

QUIZ TIME: Which Avenger Are You and Which Guardian Are You?

So you loved the movie but do you know which of the Avengers is most like you? How about the Guardians of the Galaxy? Do you know which of the Guardians you are most similar to? Wonder no longer as Movie Pilot created quizzes that lead you to the answers you’ve been waiting for! Click

DC vs. Marvel ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Who’s the Winner?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has invaded the comic book movie world DC vs. Marvel style! In response to the challenge before them, each of the following actors took it on like real pros—for Team DC: Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Ben Affleck (Batman and previously from Team Marvel as Daredevil) with wife

Infinity Gems 101: The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Path to the Infinity Gauntlet Saga

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets closer to the conclusion of Phase 2, let’s take the time to know what the infinity gems are and where the MCU is headed. Guardians of the Galaxy is the penultimate chapter of Phase 2 with Avengers: Age of Ultron closing the books and ushering in Phase 3. But how

Guardians of the Galaxy Collectibles are Must-Buys from Entertainment Earth

Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles are sure to be red-hot items now that the movie is barely a day away from showing in theaters. Based on the reviews we’ve read so far, the movie is going to be one awesome ride from start to finish! That’s why the Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (2008) comic

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy is “First-class”

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is almost here! A week after all our geekiness has been re-energized by the San Diego Comic-Con, we are treated to one of the most hyped and marketed movies of 2014. From a 16-minute preview in IMAX to 5-minute trailers on YouTube, along with several teasers, trailers, and TV

Marvel Releases New 5-Minute Extended Clip of Guardians of the Galaxy

If you’re like most of us, itching to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy, then you will enjoy this 5-minute extended trailer recently released by Marvel. It shows a whole lot of fresh footage that will prompt GOTG fans to beg for an earlier screening of the movie. But wait, there’s more! We also included