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WATCH: MARVEL, FOX, and SONY are All Connected After All!

WATCH: MARVEL, FOX, and SONY are All Connected After All!

Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox and Sony Entertainment may be more connected than you think. This connection is perhaps the only thing that we know which all three studios have in common that they can never dispute. It’s actually based on a fan theory that says that Marvel Comics’ very own universe-observing Watcher, Uatu, has

The X-MEN Shared Universe: What This Means for DEADPOOL and His Antics

One of the coolest and funniest things that Deadpool does is make fun of guys and gals from the X-Men comics universe. It makes for some hilarious moments in the Merc with a Mouth’s comics and in other comic book title’s covers, too! It’s reflected in the original script for Deadpool’s movie written by Tim

Explaining Every Marvel Easter Egg in One Video

From the very first Marvel Studios film, Iron Man, all the way to Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio has been planting Easter eggs in every film they make as a nod to comic book fans. Placing Easter eggs in every Marvel film ensures that fans take notice of almost every detail when watching their

SDCC News: Stan Lee Cancels Appearances at the Comic-Con

Stan Lee has decided to cancel all of his appearances at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con due to health concerns according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lee is one of the most sought after creators in any and all conventions, not only because he created or co-created Marvel’s most popular characters, but he also has a