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Sony Keen on Producing a SPIDER-GWEN Movie?

Sony Keen on Producing a SPIDER-GWEN Movie?

Marvel Comics’ fan-favorite new character Spider-Gwen has an ongoing new series in the works and Sony may be giving her more exposure with a solo movie in 2017. If everything goes according to form, we might have a new Spider-Man-related movie to inject new life into the sagging The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Click below to

Look Out, SPIDER-MAN! There’s a New Superhero in Town—SPIDER-GWEN!

Spider-Man’s comic book universe just got bigger during New York Comic-Con as Marvel announced a new comic book series—Spider-Gwen! That’s right! Gwen Stacy is alive and well and she will be coming to comic shops on February of next year in an all-new ongoing series from Marvel Comics. Read more about this great news by