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New GOTHAM Extended Trailer Features a Who’s Who of Batman’s Villains

New GOTHAM Extended Trailer Features a Who’s Who of Batman’s Villains

The new Gotham extended trailer is the best of all the trailers I’ve seen from the series so far! The look and feel of this trailer is similar to a blockbuster movie about to be released and the drama only seems to build up as it draws to a close. Check it out for yourself!

FAN ART: Batman Villains are the Subjects in Jason Mark’s ‘Usual Suspects’

Jason Mark’s ‘Usual Suspects’ series covers some of Batman’s most popular villains inspired by ‘Mugshots of Wonderfully Dapper 1920s Australian Criminals.’ The villains are depicted as having their mugshots taken from years past. Comic book fans are lovers of good art which is why we often prefer comics and graphic novels over plain-text novels. Comic

Superhero Kids: Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Have you ever wondered which superhero our favorite superheroes played when they were kids? Uhm…themselves? Andy Fairhurst seems to imply so in his series of artworks called Superhero Kids. Bat Kid   If Andy’s intention was to portray superheroes and super-villains as their younger selves playing their future selves, then he sure hit a jackpot with this

New Posters for Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Show Familiar Faces and an Unfamiliar Name

Fox’s highly-anticipated and potential-filled show Gotham just released eight character posters to amp up viewers’ anticipation for the Fall. The posters are exclusive to Entertainment Weekly which feature images of each of the major characters set to appear some time in the series. As you may have already heard, the most interesting aspect of the