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DEADPOOL Movie Could Feature More Familiar Faces than You Think

DEADPOOL Movie Could Feature More Familiar Faces than You Think

Deadpool is a part of the X-Men universe and as such, his character revolves around the mutant world that Fox created for them. This sets up an exciting potential for Mr. Wade Wilson to rub elbows with the likes of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and… Daniel Cudmore’s Colossus? Discover why we think Colossus might appear in

A PG-13 DEADPOOL movie? Here’s How It Can Work!

Everything’s been said about why a Deadpool movie should be R-18 quite frankly because Deadpool is an R-rated character. The way he uses cuss words, goes about his business of killing people left and right, and his sex-driven nature all point toward a hard R-rating more than any other superhero including Wolverine who’s not a

DEADPOOL Co-Creator Rob Liefeld on the Upcoming Movie: “I AM ABSOLUTELY BEYOND THRILLED!”

Who would have thought that Deadpool would be so popular when his co-creator merely created him as a knock-off Deathstroke wannabe? Well, maybe Rob Liefeld is no ordinary visionary when he and writer Fabian Nicieza came up with the idea of a funny mercenary but in the mold of Deathstroke the Terminator from DC Comics. The

7 THINGS You Need to Know about the DEADPOOL MOVIE

The Deadpool movie is the best news we’ve heard today and now there’s no reason to speculate! It’s high time we get some facts in here for a change. The past few months have been a roller-coaster ride for us fans with news of “will-they” or “won’t-they” produce a Deadpool movie. Heck, we thought that

DEADPOOL Movie Finally Confirmed by Fox

O-M-G! After months…no… years of speculation, then silence from 20th Century Fox, DEADPOOL is finally coming to theaters very soon. With the extremely positive response from fans worldwide over the leaked test footage, and some coercion from twitter posts by Rhet Reese, by the way, 20th Century just delivered the superhero movie news announcement of