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Tom Hiddleston, everyone’s lovable trickster Loki, may have just spoiled a thing or two about the Thor: Ragnarok story even before he knew where Thor 3 was headed. And he did it last year in an exclusive interview with MovieWeb a year ahead of Marvel Studios’ confirmation that Thor 3 will be the Ragnarok storyline.

LOKI and HEIMDALL Set to Appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Idris Elba, the stoic yet faithful Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost, revealed that he and Tom Hiddleston will appear in the next Avengers film. The Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn’t supposed to show Elba and Hiddleston in the movie, or so we were made to believe but according to the actor, both of them are

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON End Credits Scene Could Show Captain America’s Team for CIVIL WAR

Marvel Studios’ famous end-credits scene is rumored to have Captain America forming a new Avengers team. What this means has not yet been fully explored though we guessed back then that this team could be the West Coast Avengers. It might still be that but it could also be the beginnings of Cap’s anti-government team

VERSUS! Discover the 10 Most Popular COMIC BOOK HERO/VILLAIN RIVALRIES of Our Time

Rivalries are important to the comics which are rife with super-powered rivalries between heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. But which hero/villain rivalry is the most popular? Movie Pilot’s Solon Papagergiou gives us the lowdown on the choices that fans have made on their website. Find out the top 10

20 Super Awesome DC and MARVEL COSPLAYS!

DC and Marvel superhero cosplayers are some of the most dedicated comic book fans in the world and to see these images the other day made me a believer even more. Movie Pilot’s Darragh O’Connor provided the incentive with his article on their website, to share it, and then to come up with a few

QUIZ: Do You Have the Makings of a Superhero?

Are you the type to help people and rescue them from their troubles? Do you believe in truth, justice, and freedom? If yes, then you may be a superhero in disguise! If no, then you may be something else entirely…a super-villain! Comic books like DC and Marvel have long since been the source of our

AVENGERS 3 Could Usher in the INHUMANS!

If you read our previous post, you’ll realize that a two part Avengers 3 film could mean a lot of major things happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the major events that the film could usher in is the introduction of the Inhumans to the big screen. With Marvel Studios lacking in mutant


There’s no question that Marvel Studio’s movies are based on the comics with a few changes here and there but still true to the characters’ roots. But did you know that the Marvel movies also influenced their comic book counterparts? Yes they did! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken on a life of its own

WATCH: Loki Scenes Turned Into One Awesome Movie

There is, perhaps, no villain more popular or as well-loved in superhero movies as Thor’s half brother, Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the character has made him and the character himself a fan-favorite even more so in some circles than Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Because of this, a super fan of Loki created a movie that

Infinity Gems 101: The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Path to the Infinity Gauntlet Saga

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets closer to the conclusion of Phase 2, let’s take the time to know what the infinity gems are and where the MCU is headed. Guardians of the Galaxy is the penultimate chapter of Phase 2 with Avengers: Age of Ultron closing the books and ushering in Phase 3. But how

Superhero Kids: Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Have you ever wondered which superhero our favorite superheroes played when they were kids? Uhm…themselves? Andy Fairhurst seems to imply so in his series of artworks called Superhero Kids. Bat Kid   If Andy’s intention was to portray superheroes and super-villains as their younger selves playing their future selves, then he sure hit a jackpot with this