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HOT RUMOR: Are You Ready for Jared Leto, the New JOKER in Suicide Squad?

HOT RUMOR: Are You Ready for Jared Leto, the New JOKER in Suicide Squad?

It’s amazing what an Oscar-winning performance can do for you as Jared Leto just landed the most iconic villain role ever—the Joker! TheWrap reports that, according to their sources, Leto is about to step into Heath Ledger’s very big shoes in reinterpreting the Batman’s arch-nemesis for DC/Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad. Want to find out more about

Are you a Mad Scientist, an Evil Genius, or a Clown-Looking Psychopath? Take the DC SUPERVILLAIN QUIZ and Find Out!

It’s quiz time once again and this time, it’s time to find out what your evil inclinations are. The amazing Stephen Adamson from Movie Pilot guides us through the process. The answers you provide will tell you the kind of supervillain you can be if you were to live in the world of superheroes. Click below

VERSUS! Discover the 10 Most Popular COMIC BOOK HERO/VILLAIN RIVALRIES of Our Time

Rivalries are important to the comics which are rife with super-powered rivalries between heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. But which hero/villain rivalry is the most popular? Movie Pilot’s Solon Papagergiou gives us the lowdown on the choices that fans have made on their website. Find out the top 10

QUIZ: Do You Have the Makings of a Superhero?

Are you the type to help people and rescue them from their troubles? Do you believe in truth, justice, and freedom? If yes, then you may be a superhero in disguise! If no, then you may be something else entirely…a super-villain! Comic books like DC and Marvel have long since been the source of our

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Plot Details Leaked!

With the world having to wait almost two years for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to show up on screen, leaked plot details of the film have emerged. Perhaps this is a way to keep the fires of interest stoked for DC and Warner Studios’ fans or it could be fake. But the Hybrid

Will Doomsday Appear in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is back in the rumor mill once again with the sighting of what could possibly be Doomsday. Bleeding Cool has reported that their sources are telling them that the Superman-killer is going to be seen in the Warner Bros./DC blockbuster film.   “Bleeding Cool sources who have

Three More Villains Added to Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice

Just when you thought that there were too many super-heroes in Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, apparently, there will be just as many of them as our heroes. SPOILERS AHEAD: Stay clear of this post if you don’t want spoilers. In addition to Lex Luthor, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review revealed that three other villains