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The FLASH Will Explore TIME TRAVEL This Season

The FLASH Will Explore TIME TRAVEL This Season

The Flash will embark on some time travel according to the series’ Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. In an interview with TVLine, he said that the Fastest Man Alive will definitely do this sometime in the second half of the season. We all know that time travel is a huge part of the Flash’s life and

SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

The recent announcements of superhero movies for the next few years have everyone excited especially the comic book fans who are the winners in all of this. DC and Warner Bros. have added to the already busy next few years with the announcement of ten superhero movies to hit the big screen in the next

WATCH: Are DC’s Movie Plans Too Much? We Recap What We Know So Far

After an incredible week that saw DC and Warner Bros. release their upcoming movies for the next six years, we needed a moment to digest everything. Thankfully, we can recap the entire thing along with a few bits of information with Nerdist News’ amazing  Jessica Chobot. And then, we’re also providing you links to everything


And with one announcement, DC has joined the battle for superhero movie supremacy. DC is taking some of the thunder from Marvel’s recent streak of movie-related announcements by releasing their plans for the next five years. The list is breathtaking for superhero fans like us and one which excites us for the future of DC’s

VERSUS! Discover the 10 Most Popular COMIC BOOK HERO/VILLAIN RIVALRIES of Our Time

Rivalries are important to the comics which are rife with super-powered rivalries between heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. But which hero/villain rivalry is the most popular? Movie Pilot’s Solon Papagergiou gives us the lowdown on the choices that fans have made on their website. Find out the top 10


Out of all the superhero teams in all of DC and Marvel comics, these two represent their companies in the battle for comic book publishing supremacy—the Justice League and the Avengers. Pitting these two super-powerful teams against one another would almost certainly cause both universes to cringe at the thought of a battle that could destroy worlds!

The JUSTICE LEAGUE QUIZ: Which Superhero are You?

I’ve always considered the Justice League a cut above all other superhero teams. They weren’t the first but they are certainly the most legendary of them all. Superstar artist Alex Ross’ 12-part maxi-series titled Justice from DC Comics is a testament to this. Out of the many members that the Justice League has had over

DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Xbox vs. Playstation: It’s Time to Take Sides in Fan Boys and Girls!

The debate between comic publishers, sci-fi movies, consoles, characters, and others is a never-ending one. When one of them throws a punch by way of a new release, the other tries to either copy what the other is doing or even trump its competition with something better. Just take DC vs. Marvel for example. Remember

Stephen Amell Wants Green Lantern to Join Them to Form a Justice League on TV

Stephen Amell said that Green Lantern would be a cool addition to the Justice League that they’re forming on TV. If Amell is wishful thinking or he’s saying something with inside info as to what DC Comics and Warner Bros. TV’s plans are, we can’t tell. But then, if Green Lantern will appear at some

Are You Ready for The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES vs. the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? DC Takes on the Challenge!

Guardians of the Galaxy surpassing Man of Steel at the box-office is terrible news for DC. Enter: The Legion of Super-Heroes! Clap! Clap! Clap! If rumors are true that the Legion of Super-Heroes will be making it to the big screen because of GOTG’s success, then it was a good thing that the latter surpassed

Benedict Cumberbatch Tight-Lipped on Playing Brainiac or Martian Manhunter in Batman v. Superman

One of the highest profile actors to play villain roles, Benedict Cumberbatch is still mum on playing Brainiac in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe it’s because he is really playing the character or maybe he’ll be the Martian Manhunter, another member of the Justice League. The rumors circulating around the web won’t stop

DC and Warner Bros. Hint at Next 4 Superhero Movies

Warner Bros. just registered four domain names indicating the direction they and DC Comics are headed in their cinematic universe. After announcing a list of nine untitled movies with release dates last month, Warner Bros. has, for all intents and purposes, declared what four of them are with these registered domains. The list are as

The Justice League Bendable Figure 4-Pack on Entertainment Earth is Incredible!

The Justice League have some of the best action figures on the planet and on Entertainment Earth! With the team boasting some of the most iconic characters ever created, their popularity and collectability rival that of any other group of super-heroes from DC, Marvel, or otherwise. The Justice League 5 1/2-Inch Bendable Figure 4-Pack contains four of

Whatever Happened to the Original Justice League Movie?

What? You didn’t know there was an earlier version of the Justice League in the works? It seems like decades ago when George Miller’s Justice League would have been the first movie incarnation of the team that we would be talking about, three years ahead of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. The cast and crew were

Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonNarrows Down His Potential Casting to Shazam and Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson, more famously known as “The Rock,” has confirmed that he’ll be playing a character from DC Comics. He has been teasing us with the actual role for some time now but the description he gave previously seemed sure enough to be Shazam. He does, however, have the same powers and abilities as one

Jim Lee to Give Away 50 Sketches at San Diego Comic-Con!

DC’s Comics’ Co-Publisher, Jim Lee will be giving away 50 sketches at the San Diego Comic-Con this week to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday. The legendary artist of so many iconic images of the X-Men, the Justice League, Batman, and Superman, has generously sketched original artworks to be given away on his 28th Comic-Con which

DC Comics Get into the Halloween Fever This October

DC comics variants get into the Halloween fever with monster-themed covers befitting the occasion. The variants include DC’s most legendary heroes as you’ve never seen them before, as vampires, zombies, and mummies, among others. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Robin get the Halloween treatment this October right on time for trick-or-treat! Check them out

DC All Access: Dan Didio Discusses The Art of the New 52 on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

DC All Access this week takes us to the office of Dan Didio, DC Entertainment’s Co-Publisher where he talks about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League. In the interview, Didio talks about how the core team of DC’s Big Three have to have the strongest titles in their entire line. He says that

Three More Villains Added to Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice

Just when you thought that there were too many super-heroes in Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, apparently, there will be just as many of them as our heroes. SPOILERS AHEAD: Stay clear of this post if you don’t want spoilers. In addition to Lex Luthor, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review revealed that three other villains

10 Best of the Best Justice League Displays on Entertainment Earth

Justice League was the first comic book released by DC’s New 52 in 2011. While excitement has died down since then, Warner Bros.’ plans to bring the team to the big screen is creating quite a buzz especially after the debut of the Flash in his own TV series (as a leaked video, however). Face