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GUARDIANS of the GALAXY “A Movie About Outcasts” Wins Hollywood Blockbuster Award

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY “A Movie About Outcasts” Wins Hollywood Blockbuster Award

Guardians of the Galaxy won the Hollywood Blockbuster Award which director James Gunn referred to as “a movie about a bunch of outcasts.” Chris Pratt and Gunn were on-hand to accept the award and both gave terrific speeches especially Gunn who talked at length about the movie in relation to outcasts which, he says the

WATCH: GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Featurette Shows the Collector’s Museum

From Adam Warlock’s cocoon to Howard the Duck and Cosmo, the Collector’s museum is full of Easter eggs. Marvel fans were the first to ask if the cocoon-looking shape in Thor: The Dark World was Adam Warlock’s cocoon, which it was to the delight of Marvel fans. Guardians of the Galaxy gave us a better

Guardians of the Galaxy: Unofficial GROOT Cellphone Number Allows You to Text Him

So you’re following some hot movie star’s Twitter, and an NBA player’s Facebook page, but do you have Groot’s cellphone number? Thanks to Ricky Robinett, a Twilio employee, you can now text him…and he’ll reply! Having Groot’s action figures, t-shirts, posters, and comic books is not enough! You have to text him to be a

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy is “First-class”

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is almost here! A week after all our geekiness has been re-energized by the San Diego Comic-Con, we are treated to one of the most hyped and marketed movies of 2014. From a 16-minute preview in IMAX to 5-minute trailers on YouTube, along with several teasers, trailers, and TV

16-Minute Sneak Peek of Guardians of the Galaxy on IMAX 3D!

If you didn’t have the privilege of watching the 16-minute sneak peek of the Guardians of the Galaxy on IMAX theaters, you’re in for a treat.  Marvel Studios showed an amazing footage from the film in IMAX theaters all over the country last night, prompting Edward Douglas of Super Hero Hype to write a summary