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A PG-13 DEADPOOL movie? Here’s How It Can Work!

A PG-13 DEADPOOL movie? Here’s How It Can Work!

Everything’s been said about why a Deadpool movie should be R-18 quite frankly because Deadpool is an R-rated character. The way he uses cuss words, goes about his business of killing people left and right, and his sex-driven nature all point toward a hard R-rating more than any other superhero including Wolverine who’s not a

Marvel’s the Avengers Action Figure Collectibles!

With the recently released video from MTV about every Marvel Easter egg, anticipation is through the roof for Avengers: Age of Ultron and what it will add to the Marvel mythos. Comic books, toys, and memorabilia collectors are looking for gems in their collections that may be increasing in value due to the high demand

5 Awesome Marvel Action Figures on Entertainment Earth!

Marvel has some of the best characters in the world and they also have some of the best action figures on Entertainment Earth. Today we highlight five (5) of the best of the best to perk up your boring week with the excitement of getting a brand new toy. If these don’t excite you, then

Hulk’s Bigger Role in Avengers: Age of Ultron Confirmed by Marvel Concept Art?

What do you get when you combine Hulk rumors with concept art that seems to attest to the fact? More rumors, of course! When Mark Ruffalo revealed in an interview that his role would be bigger, we didn’t realize that it would be this big! Warning! SPOILERS ahead! Proceed at your own risk. Remember a