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New KRYPTON TV Series Gears Up with MAN OF STEEL Writer

New KRYPTON TV Series Gears Up with MAN OF STEEL Writer

David S. Goyer is rumored to be part of the new Krypton TV series set in Superman’s birthplace. According to Bleeding Cool The Man of Steel writer is set to inject John Byrne’s influence in the project. Byrne is the legendary writer-artist who helmed the Superman reboot after Crisis on Infinite Earths changed DC Comics’ timeline. Click

Will JADEN SMITH Play DC’s STATIC SHOCK in the Live-Action Series?

After announcing that a Static Shock live-action series will released, the latest rumor has Jaden Smith playing the character. If this is true, then the boy would be an excellent choice for the role. The son of Will and Jada-Pinketh Smith, Jaden will potentially be the third member of the Smith family to be in

Insane Fan Theory or Dead On? Fan Believes That the Penguin is the Joker All Along!

Fox’s Gotham is said to be showing different possible Joker characters every episode leaving us to guess who he might be. One fan crazy enough to publish his thoughts via Reddit, cohencide, says that the Joker has been right under our noses all along—he’s Oswald Cobblepot better known as the Penguin! Crazy you say? Read

GOTHAM Pilot Episode Reviews are Here!

The much-anticipated fall drama series Gotham is now officially underway to the delight of Batman and comic book fans in general, and curious minds alike. It’s only the first episode but we already have a good idea of the tone of the series as well as the way it is being handled by the showrunners. Click on the


GOTHAM is airing in a few days and we are more than excited to see the much-awaited prequel to the Batman! The city that made him has taken on a life of its own especially when you see this awesome 3D trailer that’s unlike any trailer you’ve ever seen before! Check out the 3D preview

HARLEY QUINN Set to Appear in Deleted Scene in ARROW Season 2 DVD

Harley Quinn, the fan-favorite Batman villain, will be ‘appearing’ in the ARROW Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray. With Batman’s rogues gallery getting the full exposure in the upcoming fall drama series from Fox, Harley Quinn is being demanded by some circles (fans, actually) to appear in future seasons of Gotham. Click on the link below

Stephen Amell Wants Green Lantern to Join Them to Form a Justice League on TV

Stephen Amell said that Green Lantern would be a cool addition to the Justice League that they’re forming on TV. If Amell is wishful thinking or he’s saying something with inside info as to what DC Comics and Warner Bros. TV’s plans are, we can’t tell. But then, if Green Lantern will appear at some

The Teen Titans Live-Action Series Could Be DC’s Next Potential TV Blockbuster!

Don’t look now but the ‘Teen Titans’ could be coming to a cable network near you and sooner than you think. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. TV is looking to expand its DC Comics TV universe with the addition of a superhero team led by none other than, Nightwing. With Supergirl being in its early

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Scenes Could Include Themyscira

The news around Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has almost always revolved around its cast or even around its director. This time, it’s about a location but it’s a location filled with beautiful women who are trained warriors—Themyscira, the birthplace and home of Wonder Woman. To find out more on this developing story click

New GOTHAM Extended Trailer Features a Who’s Who of Batman’s Villains

The new Gotham extended trailer is the best of all the trailers I’ve seen from the series so far! The look and feel of this trailer is similar to a blockbuster movie about to be released and the drama only seems to build up as it draws to a close. Check it out for yourself!

First Look at Arkham Asylum in Fox’s ‘Gotham’ TV Series and Professor Hugo Strange’s Role in Season One

Arkham Asylum fans are sure to rejoice over the news that the hospital for the criminally insane will play a huge role in Gotham season one. And we have the pics to prove it! Batman-News revealed the set photos of a New York City hospital that was transformed into Arkham Asylum. Bayley Seton Hospital in

Inside Info on GOTHAM’s The Joker and Poison Ivy’s Name Change

IGN TV had the chance to interview Gotham Executive Producer Bruno Heller after the Television Critics Association press tour. With people wondering about the Joker’s appearance in the much-awaited TV show, Heller was asked how they plan to build the character of the Clown Prince of Crime. He said, “We will be playing with…Not just

A Potential Joker for Every Gotham Episode

After Bleeding Cool showed screen caps of the pilot episode of Gotham, the internet went abuzz with the possible sighting of the Joker in one of them. As it turns out, the stand-up comedian, played by Jon Beavers, is just one of many potential Jokers to show up in every episode of Gotham. How’s that

Gotham Pilot Episode Screen Caps Reveal the Story

Gotham’s pilot episode was previewed by Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool and the website just released the screen caps which tell us the story. While it doesn’t reveal the whole story, there’s enough material here to give us an idea of where the episode is headed. Of course, nothing beats watching the pilot but if

Could Gotham’s Comedian Secretly be the Joker?

Bleeding Cool has just released screen caps from the pilot episode of Fox’s Gotham and there is the distinct possibility that we have a sighting on the Joker. When Fox released several promotional posters for the show depicting the faces and names of the show’s protagonists and antagonists, there was one very important person missing—the

New Posters for Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Show Familiar Faces and an Unfamiliar Name

Fox’s highly-anticipated and potential-filled show Gotham just released eight character posters to amp up viewers’ anticipation for the Fall. The posters are exclusive to Entertainment Weekly which feature images of each of the major characters set to appear some time in the series. As you may have already heard, the most interesting aspect of the