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DEADPOOL vs. WOLVERINE Could be the Comedy Movie of the Year!

DEADPOOL vs. WOLVERINE Could be the Comedy Movie of the Year!

Deadpool is the most hilarious character to grace the pages of Marvel Comics. Wolverine is one of its most serious. Put them together in one movie and you’ve got—Rush Hour 4! The tandem of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour was one of the biggest comedy hits ever that it had to have

MARVEL vs. FOX: FANTASTIC FOUR Comic Book to be Cancelled with Issue 645

Fantastic Four no more. Due to the ongoing “war” between Marvel and Fox over film-related rights, the Fantastic Four comic book will be cancelled in 2015. The final issue will be number 645 and it is going to be triple-sized. Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston got the scoop and we are stunned at the sudden turn

Deadpool Movie Test Footage Leaked Online

Deadpool is in production (kinda)! The internet is abuzz again with Deadpool news as test footage of a possible solo movie has leaked online according to Comic Book. And it’s legit, mind you. Why else would Fox Studios pull the plug on the video from their website if it wasn’t? Producer Lauren Shuler-Donner wasn’t lying

Rumors: Marvel to Kill Off the X-Men?

Bleeding Cool is at the forefront of big, bad rumors circling the web again this time involving Marvel’s biggest franchise—the X-Men. If Rich Johnston and his sources are right, the X-Men, and all mutants in general, will be gone from the Marvel Universe. Whoa! How could Marvel get rid of its all-time best-selling comic book