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Hey Deadpool fans! We’ve got another special Deadpool figure news for you! Entertainment Earth will be releasing the Deadpool Marvel Fact Files Special #5 Figure and Magazine this December and it is very reasonably priced especially for budget-conscious collectors. Don’t get us wrong, the figure is extremely gorgeous regardless! See more details about this super

Marvel’s the AVENGERS Coffee Mugs are HOT!

Want to start the day right with a cup of coffee? How about having coffee with the Avengers every morning? With Entertainment Earth about to release some gorgeous-looking mugs this coming October and November, you now have the option of having coffee with Captain America, Thor, Hulk, or Black Widow. Click on the link below

The VOLTRON 30TH ANNIVERSARY Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure is a Collector’s Dream

It’s Voltron’s 30th anniversary on US soil, fanboys and fangirls! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we’re featuring the Voltron 30th Anniversary Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure with Sound Collectors Set! Yes, remember when you were watching Voltron as a kid and you wish you had a die-cast toy of the five lions but didn’t get it

WOLVERINE and SABRETOOTH Must-Haves on Entertainment Earth

The bitterest of rivals are featured today with Wolverine and Sabretooth on Entertainment Earth! These two combatants have been at it for the better part of a century with both still scrapping and clawing their way ‘til now. With the Death of Wolverine from Marvel Comics about to close, it’s time to honor Logan and

5 RED-HOT BATMAN Characters Bust Banks on Entertainment Earth

Batman is one of the most collectible characters of all-time with everyone from his supporting cast to his rogues gallery developing their own fan base. You can collect Batman as a stand-alone character or include everyone in his little world in Gotham City. Entertainment Earth has a vast selection of collectibles from Batman’s world and

Heath Ledger’s Joker Action Figure is the Best on Entertainment Earth!

Heath Ledger performed the acting job of his life as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Sadly, the actor didn’t live long enough to reprise his role in future Batman films. Many years later, his performance is still heralded by many as the best portrayal of the Joker ever both on the big

COLLECTIBLE: Batman Black and White Batman by Michael Turner Statue from Entertainment Earth

Michael Turner fans rejoice! Entertainment Earth is offering a Batman Black and White Batman Statue with the artist’s rendition of the character. With the passing away of this prolific artist, Turner fans have been longing for his art to come out in some form of collectible. Thanks to DC Collectibles via Entertainment Earth, we can

The Deadpool Corps Mini-Bust Action Figure Boxed Set is a Must-Buy!

Deadpool has been all over the place the past few weeks. With so much news about him, you’d think the guy was everywhere! Well, unless you have him on your shelves, he probably isn’t. One of the best ways to feature him in your collection is through this great-looking bust from Entertainment Earth. Check out

Marvel’s the Avengers Action Figure Collectibles!

With the recently released video from MTV about every Marvel Easter egg, anticipation is through the roof for Avengers: Age of Ultron and what it will add to the Marvel mythos. Comic books, toys, and memorabilia collectors are looking for gems in their collections that may be increasing in value due to the high demand