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Canada’s most popular superhero is about to meet his Maker in Charles Soule and Steve McNiven’s Death of Wolverine story. With most superheroes residing in the United States, losing one of its few native comic book heroes has got to sting. That’s probably why Canadian comic book fans are petitioning the civic government of Edmonton

After Wolverine, Are You Ready for the DEATH of DEADPOOL?

Is it possible that Marvel is killing off another mutant? After Logan bites the dust in the Death of Wolverine, Deadpool may be next in line. Marvel Comics’s David Gabriel, SVP of Sales & Marketing, hinted that someone with “Dead” in their name is going to die in his 250th issue this March 2015. The

WOLVERINE Reflections: From Beginning to End

Wolverine is about to kick the bucket as a panel of artists and writers were put together by CBR to look back on their time with Logan. It’s been 30 years since the character was first introduced in the comics and the character dubbed as the “first and greatest Canadian super-hero” has lived up to his

The Many Deaths of Wolverine: Logan’s 10 Previous ‘Deaths’

Wolverine is about to die. So what? If you haven’t heard yet, he’s died ten times before and Iived to tell about it! With the upcoming Death of Wolverine storyline set to kill off everyone’s favorite five-foot-three-X-Man, fans are going crazy with the expectation of Marvel’s newest event this fall.  The little runt’s time is

Deadpool and Captain America to Team-Up This Fall

Wolverine’s dead! Long live Deadpool! And Captain America, too! Wolverine’s about to kick the bucket later this year and who better to take advantage of the gaping hole in Wolverine’s absence than the Merc with a Mouth. But it looks like Cap’s going to join him, too. This fall, Marvel will release the Death of

Death of Wolverine Canada Variant Plus Other Covers for Marvel’s Big September Event

One of the biggest events of the year, Marvel’s Death of Wolverine, will get the maple leaf treatment with a Canada variant, honoring Logan’s roots. This comes as an addition to the other variant covers already lined-up for issue 1 of the series.     The Death of Wolverine Canada variant announcement comes two days