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Can Deadpool and Harley Quinn ever be together? DC and Marvel have had crossovers before to bring us battles that used to be impossible. We’ve had Superman battle Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, Batman fight Captain America, Wonder Woman go up against Storm, etc. But how about we have some love between the two comic book

CABLE and X-FORCE are in Fox’s Future Plans

Cable was supposed to appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It didn’t happen but a movie with X-Force just might. Screen Rant reports how writer and producer Simon Kinberg told them that an X-Force movie is still a possibility though the film may have been pushed back with the confirmation of X-Men: Apocalypse. Find out

Ryan Reynolds Confirmed by Liefeld to Play DEADPOOL with CABLE Possibly On Board

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld said in his appearance at the Comikazie Con! that Ryan Reynolds is indeed playing the role of Deadpool and teased that his other character Cable might be in the movie. 20th Century Fox, however, still hasn’t made an official announcement on this casting news. Find out more details about the much-anticipated

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Halloween is just around the corner, folks, and we have some great Marvel superhero costume hoodies for your next costume party. Best of all, all of these are on sale at Superhero Stuff! How’s that for an emergency Halloween costume shopping? Stand out from the crowd with these red-hot treats from the best superhero shop


Are you sure you’re a real Deadpool fan? Do you really know how Deadpool came to be the Merc with a Mouth, the most dangerous (and annoying) mercenary ever? If you’ve been following Deadpool for a short time, like say, a few weeks, you’ll be forgiven if you don’t know his origin. But if you’ve

The X-MEN Shared Universe: What This Means for DEADPOOL and His Antics

One of the coolest and funniest things that Deadpool does is make fun of guys and gals from the X-Men comics universe. It makes for some hilarious moments in the Merc with a Mouth’s comics and in other comic book title’s covers, too! It’s reflected in the original script for Deadpool’s movie written by Tim

DEADPOOL Movie Confirmed as Part of ‘MASSIVE’ X-MEN Story

Deadpool can finally rest easy now as writer/producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that Wade Wilson and his alter ego will be part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe. 20th Century Fox is not leaving its next big superstar out in the cold without being part of the bigger stories which the X-Men are a part of. But

DEADPOOL vs. WOLVERINE Could be the Comedy Movie of the Year!

Deadpool is the most hilarious character to grace the pages of Marvel Comics. Wolverine is one of its most serious. Put them together in one movie and you’ve got—Rush Hour 4! The tandem of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour was one of the biggest comedy hits ever that it had to have

MARVEL vs. FOX: FANTASTIC FOUR Comic Book to be Cancelled with Issue 645

Fantastic Four no more. Due to the ongoing “war” between Marvel and Fox over film-related rights, the Fantastic Four comic book will be cancelled in 2015. The final issue will be number 645 and it is going to be triple-sized. Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston got the scoop and we are stunned at the sudden turn

DEADPOOL Confirmed as Part of X-MEN Cinematic Universe

Great news for Deadpool fans! For those wondering if Deadpool’s movie will be part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe, we now have confirmation that it is. This is awesome news for Wade Wilson’s legions of fans as they can be assured that their favorite character has the chance to join the X-Men or X-Force if

COOL STUFF: Deadpool Has Too Many Issues 30 Single T-Shirt

There are t-shirts and there are Deadpool t-shirts. The difference? Deadpool’s shirts are way cooler! The Merc with a Mouth’s merchandise beats all others by virtue of its uber coolness. Just check out his latest shirt from Superhero Stuff. The Deadpool Has Too Many Issues 30 Single T-Shirt will finally reveal to one and all

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds on DEADPOOL Movie Rating

Now that we’re still in the subject of rating, let’s ask Ryan Reynolds, the most likely actor to play Deadpool, what he thinks. Actually, IGN asked him the question two years ago and he gave a definite answer that will surprise no one. The popularity of this comic book anti-hero cannot be questioned but the rating is what’s keeping things

WATCH: DEADPOOL 101 (The History of Deadpool)

Now that we’ve got a Deadpool movie announcement, including the all-important release date, it’s time to review just who the Merc with a Mouth is. I know many of you already know who he is but do you really know everything there is to know about Deadpool? I thought so. There are also plenty of

After Wolverine, Are You Ready for the DEATH of DEADPOOL?

Is it possible that Marvel is killing off another mutant? After Logan bites the dust in the Death of Wolverine, Deadpool may be next in line. Marvel Comics’s David Gabriel, SVP of Sales & Marketing, hinted that someone with “Dead” in their name is going to die in his 250th issue this March 2015. The

DEADPOOL Pop! Vinyl Figures from Entertainment Earth!

Now that you’ve scratched that itch from waiting for a Deadpool movie announcement, the next itch is having to wait for 2016 to come! It’s less than a year and a half away but it might as well be five years! Fortunately for you, there’s more than a few Deadpool items coming out soon to

A PG-13 DEADPOOL movie? Here’s How It Can Work!

Everything’s been said about why a Deadpool movie should be R-18 quite frankly because Deadpool is an R-rated character. The way he uses cuss words, goes about his business of killing people left and right, and his sex-driven nature all point toward a hard R-rating more than any other superhero including Wolverine who’s not a

HOT RUMOR: DEADPOOL Movie will be PG-13!

PG-13 or R-18? According to reports, this has been the single most important factor that held up the announcement of a Deadpool movie. While everyone’s been going gaga over the “leaked” test footage (does anyone really believe it ‘leaked?’), the head honchos over at 20th Century Fox kept us wondering whether a Deadpool movie is