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10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel

Yes I know this is debatable but ranking the most powerful super-heroes from DC and Marvel is a lot of fun! And that’s why this list was created in the first place. I’ve always had my own 10 Most Powerful Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel comics in my head but I haven’t actually put them on

MUST-WATCH! Guardians of the Galaxy How It Should Have Ended Video

The upcoming release of the Guardians of the Galaxy in DVD and Blu-ray has put the spotlight again on the summer blockbuster flick. They’re practically all over the news! Now the brilliant team that produces How It Should Have Ended videos has created its own set of endings for Star-Lord and company! Check out this hilarious video


This week’s latest entertaining installment from Clevver Movies’ Fanboy Faceoff features speed freaks Quicksilver and the Flash. These two are the fastest men alive in their respective universes, DC and Marvel. Going head-to-head, however, may prove to be the undoing of the other as one is sure to be faster in this super fun and


Can Deadpool and Harley Quinn ever be together? DC and Marvel have had crossovers before to bring us battles that used to be impossible. We’ve had Superman battle Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, Batman fight Captain America, Wonder Woman go up against Storm, etc. But how about we have some love between the two comic book


After Marvel Studios and DC/Warner Bros. announced a bunch of movies for 2016 to 2020, superhero movies are now dominating the movie landscape. It has become common the past few years to expect at least two superhero movies every year. From 2015 onwards, however, expect between three to as much as ten superhero movies every

MARVEL STUDIOS Announces Its PHASE 3 Movies with a BANG!

Take that DC! After its “Distinguished Competition” floored everyone last week with the announcement of ten films in 5 years, Marvel took center stage to announce its arrival to the dance. Today, Marvel Studios met with the press in a special event, to showcase its lineup of Phase 3 movies to announce the titles and

DC and MARVEL SUPERHEROINES Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Though October is about to end, we’d like to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month the superhero way with DC and Marvel superheroines joining in. The artwork that depicts four superheroines doing the self-examination is from artist Maisa Chaves known as Halfy on her deviantart account. Click below to see these beautiful artwork by Chaves! DC

If not BLACK ADAM, Dwayne Johnson as APOCALYPSE Would Be Breathtaking

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson already cast as Black Adam for DC/Warner Bros.’ Shazam film, there’s no chance that he could play the X-Men’s nemesis, Apocalypse. That is, unless you use your imagination and some digital artwork expertise which professional artist Lucas Parolin has in abundance. What he came up with is nothing short of

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN Teaser Trailer Ready for Release by DC/Warner Bros.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer created quite a buzz, didn’t it? Not to be outdone, Batman-On-Film reports that the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is ready for release this fall albeit in a different manner. Perhaps seeing the huge publicity generated bythe leaked trailer for Marvel’s premiere franchise, DC and Warner Bros. may try

SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

The recent announcements of superhero movies for the next few years have everyone excited especially the comic book fans who are the winners in all of this. DC and Warner Bros. have added to the already busy next few years with the announcement of ten superhero movies to hit the big screen in the next

WATCH: Are DC’s Movie Plans Too Much? We Recap What We Know So Far

After an incredible week that saw DC and Warner Bros. release their upcoming movies for the next six years, we needed a moment to digest everything. Thankfully, we can recap the entire thing along with a few bits of information with Nerdist News’ amazing  Jessica Chobot. And then, we’re also providing you links to everything

DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Xbox vs. Playstation: It’s Time to Take Sides in Fan Boys and Girls!

The debate between comic publishers, sci-fi movies, consoles, characters, and others is a never-ending one. When one of them throws a punch by way of a new release, the other tries to either copy what the other is doing or even trump its competition with something better. Just take DC vs. Marvel for example. Remember

Rocketeer, Condorman, and The Toxic Avenger? They’re Not DC or Marvel but They Were the Best Back Then!

There was a time when we were craving for superhero movies from DC and Marvel Comics. We were still kids back then and we had a few of them on the big screen like Superman, Spider-Man, and Captain America, but there weren’t many. Some of them were so unlike the comics but we just enjoyed


Yesterday we posted leaked images of the Batmobile care of an Instagram user who saw Batman’s vehicle in his neighborhood. Despite the dusty-looking image which was posted, the photo went viral. Not to be outdone, Zack Snyder tweeted his own photo of the Batmobile… after a car wash, that is! It was a clearer image

DC and MARVEL SUPERHEROES as Corporate Endorsers? Here’s How They’d Look!

Remember Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer when Johnny Storm’s costume was filled with corporate logos? Yeah you may have hated the movie and the Human Torch’s duds (in that scene, at least) looked more like a billboard than anything, but it was a sneak peek at what could happen if superheroes happened to

Fanboy Faceoff Features Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

It’s Deathstroke vs. Deadpool once again this time in Fanboy Faceoff on YouTube! In what has been an almost ages-long debate between the original (Deathstroke) and his copycat (Deadpool), we are treated to a spectacular battle of “who’s a better character” between two immensely popular anti-heroes from DC and Marvel, respectively. While Deadpool’s fans number

The Justice League Bendable Figure 4-Pack on Entertainment Earth is Incredible!

The Justice League have some of the best action figures on the planet and on Entertainment Earth! With the team boasting some of the most iconic characters ever created, their popularity and collectability rival that of any other group of super-heroes from DC, Marvel, or otherwise. The Justice League 5 1/2-Inch Bendable Figure 4-Pack contains four of

Whatever Happened to the Original Justice League Movie?

What? You didn’t know there was an earlier version of the Justice League in the works? It seems like decades ago when George Miller’s Justice League would have been the first movie incarnation of the team that we would be talking about, three years ahead of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. The cast and crew were

Nightwing: The TV Series Trailer is Awesome!

The exciting new fan-film, Nightwing: the Series, released its first trailer a few days ago and it’s got us pumped up for more! As expected, announcement of when the series will be debuting was released via the series’ first trailer. If you’re a Nightwing Comics Superhero fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this new show that will