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WATCH: Batman 75th Anniversary Video on 75 BATMEN

WATCH: Batman 75th Anniversary Video on 75 BATMEN

Since it’s still 2014, Batman fans are still celebrating his 75th anniversary since he first appeared in a comic in 1939. DC Entertainment has released a video chronicling Batman’s existence with “75 Years 75 Batmen.” Relive Batman’s early days as the Bat-Man, to his re-imagining in the mid-eighties, all the way to his current interpretation

DC All Access: Dan Didio Discusses The Art of the New 52 on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

DC All Access this week takes us to the office of Dan Didio, DC Entertainment’s Co-Publisher where he talks about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League. In the interview, Didio talks about how the core team of DC’s Big Three have to have the strongest titles in their entire line. He says that