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FIRESTORM x 2: Another NUCLEAR MAN Added to the FLASH TV Series

FIRESTORM x 2: Another NUCLEAR MAN Added to the FLASH TV Series

Firestorm fans rejoice! We have another Nuclear Man joining the Flash’s cast of super friends on the TV series. Jason Rusch, the most recent character to be given the powers of Firestorm, will be played by actor Luc Roderique on The Flash’s 10th episode according to KSite TV. Continue reading this exciting news on Firestorm by

Easter Eggs from The Flash Pilot: What You Missed

I didn’t expect to watch the pilot episode of CW’s The Flash until later in the Fall but a leaked first episode can do wonders for a man’s wishes. A few days ago, somebody uploaded the pilot episode of the show but was taken down after about an hour. Too late. All the suspense abut

The Flash Pilot Ending: A Preview of the Future?

At the end of the leaked pilot episode of CW’s The Flash, fans of the comics from the 80’s might have gasped in shock, horror, and disbelief—“No! Not so soon!” SPOILER ALERT: Before we look into the show’s surprising ending, let’s remind everyone reading this that spoilers are up ahead, so please watch out! The

TV Review: Leaked The Flash Pilot Episode is Incredible!

The Flash pilot episode has leaked and it has gone viral. Many torrent sites are now sharing the video online though the show is yet to air officially on the CW this Fall. Warner Bros. has since pulled the plug on the leaked copy but it is now too late. Bleeding cool says that “it