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WATCH! Nightwing: The Series Episode Three (Descent)

WATCH! Nightwing: The Series Episode Three (Descent)

Hey Nightwing fans! We’ve got Nightwing: The Series Episode Three titled Descent featured here today from the cool people at Ismahawk. Deathstroke fans should be happy about this episode as well as the Terminator makes an appearance and pretty much steals the show from the former Boy Wonder. Click below to watch the third episode


Are you sure you’re a real Deadpool fan? Do you really know how Deadpool came to be the Merc with a Mouth, the most dangerous (and annoying) mercenary ever? If you’ve been following Deadpool for a short time, like say, a few weeks, you’ll be forgiven if you don’t know his origin. But if you’ve

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Invades College! Course Offers Students Education on the MCU

It seems Marvel Comics isn’t done invading our consciousnesses. After comics, movies, toys, and games, Marvel is now set to educate us on their ways. Though this isn’t a course sponsored by Marvel or Disney, it promises to be a course that will excite any movie or comic book fan who enrolls. How I wish