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SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

SUPERHERO MOVIES from 2015-2020: The LIST So Far

The recent announcements of superhero movies for the next few years have everyone excited especially the comic book fans who are the winners in all of this. DC and Warner Bros. have added to the already busy next few years with the announcement of ten superhero movies to hit the big screen in the next

Marvel’s GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Comes to Television!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is not only the surprise hit of the year, it’s also the highest grossing film of the year, too! No wonder Disney is featuring our favorite group of crazy characters in an all-new animated show on Disney XD. And we have a teaser courtesy of the just concluded New York

I’m BATMAN: But Which One? Take the DARK KNIGHT Quiz to Find Out!

Batman has been interpreted, re-interpreted, and even misinterpreted many times before But no matter how many interpretations the Dark Knight has had, each one is unique, significant, and even iconic in its own way. If you wanted to be Batman, do you know which of the various interpretations you are? Kit Simpson Browne of Movie Pilot helps us

WOLVERINE and STORM Share an Intimate Moment in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Deleted Scene

The X-Men movies from Fox have over-romanticized the Wolverine and Jean love story so this deleted scene is a big change—Wolverine and Storm kissing. The X-Men: Days of Future Past movie is a complete story in itself but many of the scenes did not make the cut. The latest to be released to the public

MARVEL vs. FOX: FANTASTIC FOUR Comic Book to be Cancelled with Issue 645

Fantastic Four no more. Due to the ongoing “war” between Marvel and Fox over film-related rights, the Fantastic Four comic book will be cancelled in 2015. The final issue will be number 645 and it is going to be triple-sized. Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston got the scoop and we are stunned at the sudden turn

Concept Art for Bryan Singer’s X-Men 3: The Dark Phoenix Saga That Should Have Been

At the close of X2: X-Men United where a Phoenix image was seen about to rise, we were expecting a Dark Phoenix Saga in X-Men 3 that would have cemented the X-Men as the best superhero franchise. Instead, director Bryan Singer left the X-Men to tackle Superman Returns and Brett Ratner took over for Singer.

Super Cool DEADPOOL Cupcake and How to Make a Deadpool Cake, too!

Everybody loves Deadpool and everybody loves cupcakes so why not put them together to make…what else—a Deadpool cupcake! Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes came up with this idea to create a niche cupcake that will blow the minds off of our Deadpool-crazy comic book fans. And she decided to show us how to make a Deadpool cake

COOL STUFF: Deadpool Has Too Many Issues 30 Single T-Shirt

There are t-shirts and there are Deadpool t-shirts. The difference? Deadpool’s shirts are way cooler! The Merc with a Mouth’s merchandise beats all others by virtue of its uber coolness. Just check out his latest shirt from Superhero Stuff. The Deadpool Has Too Many Issues 30 Single T-Shirt will finally reveal to one and all

GOTHAM Pilot Episode Reviews are Here!

The much-anticipated fall drama series Gotham is now officially underway to the delight of Batman and comic book fans in general, and curious minds alike. It’s only the first episode but we already have a good idea of the tone of the series as well as the way it is being handled by the showrunners. Click on the