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WATCH: Hilarious Video of Christian Bale as BATMAN-STEVE JOBS Character

WATCH: Hilarious Video of Christian Bale as BATMAN-STEVE JOBS Character

Last Thursday night saw Conan O’Brien do what he often does on the Conan Show—make fun of movies and actors. This time it was Christian Bale’s turn as he was cast as Steve Jobs on a movie based on the Apple visionary’s life. No filming has been done yet but Conan already has a sneak

I’m BATMAN: But Which One? Take the DARK KNIGHT Quiz to Find Out!

Batman has been interpreted, re-interpreted, and even misinterpreted many times before But no matter how many interpretations the Dark Knight has had, each one is unique, significant, and even iconic in its own way. If you wanted to be Batman, do you know which of the various interpretations you are? Kit Simpson Browne of Movie Pilot helps us

When Lego Meets The Dark Knight, The Joker, and the Tumbler

Batman fans rejoice! LEGO will be unveiling The Dark Knight movie’s most popular characters namely Christian Bale’s Batman, Heath Ledger’s Joker, and the Tumbler, the movie’s version of the Batmobile. USA Today reports that all three will be on display at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con which opens this week. As you may have expected,

The Science Behind the Secret: How Batman Conceals His Identity

Comic fans know all too well that their favorite superheroes have to keep their real identities a secret to protect their loved ones from their enemies. Batman, perhaps more than most superheroes, has a rogues gallery who would stop at nothing to harm and kill anyone closely related to him as Bruce Wayne. Thus, the