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GOTHAM Pilot Episode Reviews are Here!

GOTHAM Pilot Episode Reviews are Here!

The much-anticipated fall drama series Gotham is now officially underway to the delight of Batman and comic book fans in general, and curious minds alike. It’s only the first episode but we already have a good idea of the tone of the series as well as the way it is being handled by the showrunners. Click on the

BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Auditions are Now Open for Extras!

Ever wondered what it’s like to star in a movie? Wonder no longer as Warner Bros. is seeking extras to appear in the much-anticipated movie. Technically, you’re not going to be a star but who knows what they’ll ask you to do! Maybe you’ll get to talk a one-liner to Henry Cavill as Clark Kent


GOTHAM is airing in a few days and we are more than excited to see the much-awaited prequel to the Batman! The city that made him has taken on a life of its own especially when you see this awesome 3D trailer that’s unlike any trailer you’ve ever seen before! Check out the 3D preview

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman Suit Compared to Man of Steel

A new photo has been making the internet rounds of Henry Cavill in his new Superman suit from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the very first photo was released officially before Comic-Con, the latest is a leaked photo from the set with Cavill wearing a robe on top. Movie Pilot explains to us

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Plot Details Leaked!

With the world having to wait almost two years for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to show up on screen, leaked plot details of the film have emerged. Perhaps this is a way to keep the fires of interest stoked for DC and Warner Studios’ fans or it could be fake. But the Hybrid

The Science Behind the Secret: How Batman Conceals His Identity

Comic fans know all too well that their favorite superheroes have to keep their real identities a secret to protect their loved ones from their enemies. Batman, perhaps more than most superheroes, has a rogues gallery who would stop at nothing to harm and kill anyone closely related to him as Bruce Wayne. Thus, the

Gotham Pilot Episode Screen Caps Reveal the Story

Gotham’s pilot episode was previewed by Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool and the website just released the screen caps which tell us the story. While it doesn’t reveal the whole story, there’s enough material here to give us an idea of where the episode is headed. Of course, nothing beats watching the pilot but if

New Posters for Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Show Familiar Faces and an Unfamiliar Name

Fox’s highly-anticipated and potential-filled show Gotham just released eight character posters to amp up viewers’ anticipation for the Fall. The posters are exclusive to Entertainment Weekly which feature images of each of the major characters set to appear some time in the series. As you may have already heard, the most interesting aspect of the