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The Black Panther Stars in a Fan-Made Short Film

The Black Panther Stars in a Fan-Made Short Film

The Black Panther, a long time fan-favorite of the Avengers, is rumored to be a part of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie set for release next year. With rumors circling around the web about the possibility of the King of Wakanda’s appearance in the film, many have expressed their desire to see the character

Iron Man is a Heartbreaker!

That’s right, he is a heartbreaker. No, not Tony Stark, the heartbreaking billionaire who has settled in with his love life via Pepper Potts. I’m talking about Iron Man himself! This June, Entertainment Earth will release the Iron Man 3 Movie Mark 17 Heartbreaker Armor 1:9 Scale Action Hero Vignette Pre-Assembled Model Kit. It’s the

Superhero Battles: Lego Deadpool Takes On DC and Marvel

Given the right match-up, Deadpool is a handful for anyone who would dare get in his way. With his superior healing factor and virtually unmatched fighting skills, the Merc with a Mouth is a nightmare for most of his opponents. What if Deadpool faced-off against…well, everyone? Marvel Comics answered this question with Deadpool Kills the

Nightwing: The Series Looks Incredible!

With Batman having a number of films to his credit, it may be time for Warner Bros. to focus its attention on Nightwing for a change. After all, he used to be the other half of “Batman and Robin.” His alter ego, Dick Grayson is popular enough to hold his own in a solo movie.

Quicksilver Scene Released by Fox!

X-Men: Days of Future Past star Evan Peters’ breakout moment made him one of the most beloved characters in the film. It was a scene that was so good and so hilarious that you have moviegoers clamoring for more scenes with him on it! It redeemed Director Bryan Singer’s vision for Quicksilver which was much