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5 Best DC SUPERHERO Costume Hoodies for HALLOWEEN on SALE!

5 Best DC SUPERHERO Costume Hoodies for HALLOWEEN on SALE!

It’s DC’s turn for your attention as our superhero costume hoodies series continues. After our 5 Best Marvel SUPERHERO Costume Hoodies for HALLOWEEN comes the best of the best in DC’s neighborhood. Just as with the Marvel hoodies, these DC hoodies are also on sale at Superhero Stuff. Make your Halloween costume party shopping easier


Alright, ladies, it’s your turn to get fashionable the superhero way with costume shirts that you can wear for the Halloween. What’s more, the awesome folks from Superhero Stuff are giving 15% off on all Halloween costumes and costume shirts! Plus, they’re also giving a $7 discount for orders of $49 or more! Clothes and


GOTHAM is airing in a few days and we are more than excited to see the much-awaited prequel to the Batman! The city that made him has taken on a life of its own especially when you see this awesome 3D trailer that’s unlike any trailer you’ve ever seen before! Check out the 3D preview

Nightwing: The Series Will Feature Batgirl and Red Hood!

It appears that Nightwing: The Series will feature more familiar DC characters than we imagined. In two posters exclusively released through Movie Pilot, the images reveal two fan-favorites who will be gracing the show either as regulars or as guest stars—Batgirl and Red Hood! Check out the posters and see if they don’t excite you

Red Hot DC Superheroes ArtFX Toy Action Figure Statues!

ArtFX Action Figure Statues are some of the hottest and most sought after DC Comics Toy Action Figure collectibles on Entertainment Earth. The quality and likeness of these statues are faithful to their comics counterparts like when the statues follow legendary artist Jim Lee’s depiction of the characters. It’s almost as if your comic books have

Three More Villains Added to Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice

Just when you thought that there were too many super-heroes in Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, apparently, there will be just as many of them as our heroes. SPOILERS AHEAD: Stay clear of this post if you don’t want spoilers. In addition to Lex Luthor, El Mayimbe of Latino-Review revealed that three other villains