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WATCH: Nightwing the Series Premiere!

WATCH: Nightwing the Series Premiere!

The much-awaited fan-film Nightwing: The Series is here and ready to rock! The series was funded via Kickstarter and follows the adventures of the former Robin, the Boy Wonder, as Dick Grayson goes solo. He moves to Bludhaven to start a career of crime-fighting far from the shadow of his former mentor, the Batman. Click

Nightwing: The TV Series Trailer is Awesome!

The exciting new fan-film, Nightwing: the Series, released its first trailer a few days ago and it’s got us pumped up for more! As expected, announcement of when the series will be debuting was released via the series’ first trailer. If you’re a Nightwing Comics Superhero fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this new show that will

Nightwing: The Series Will Feature Batgirl and Red Hood!

It appears that Nightwing: The Series will feature more familiar DC characters than we imagined. In two posters exclusively released through Movie Pilot, the images reveal two fan-favorites who will be gracing the show either as regulars or as guest stars—Batgirl and Red Hood! Check out the posters and see if they don’t excite you

Director Adam Zielinski Reveals the Latest on Nightwing: The Series

Reid Jones of Movie Pilot recently sat down with director Adam Zielinski on his upcoming Nightwing: The Series project. In the interview, Zielinski reveals some fascinating new info that gives fans a preview of what’s to come for season one. After the success of Ismahawk Studios’ short film Batman: Nightwingwas so successful on YouTube, netting 1.6