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DEADPOOL Sideshow Collectibles Figure is Smokin’ Hot!

DEADPOOL Sideshow Collectibles Figure is Smokin’ Hot!

The Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles is now available for pre-order and as the title says, this thing is smokin’ hot! If you consider yourself a Deadpool fan then you have got to save up for this one ‘coz this is the mother of all Deadpool toys that you have in your collection

The VOLTRON 30TH ANNIVERSARY Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure is a Collector’s Dream

It’s Voltron’s 30th anniversary on US soil, fanboys and fangirls! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we’re featuring the Voltron 30th Anniversary Die-Cast Light-Up Action Figure with Sound Collectors Set! Yes, remember when you were watching Voltron as a kid and you wish you had a die-cast toy of the five lions but didn’t get it

WOLVERINE and SABRETOOTH Must-Haves on Entertainment Earth

The bitterest of rivals are featured today with Wolverine and Sabretooth on Entertainment Earth! These two combatants have been at it for the better part of a century with both still scrapping and clawing their way ‘til now. With the Death of Wolverine from Marvel Comics about to close, it’s time to honor Logan and