Super-Selfies from Superman, Batman, the Joker, and the Gang

  • What if our favorite movie characters took selfies? That must have been the question in the mind of the person who made this video from TNTRussia on YouTube. It’s an amazing compilation of familiar scenes from the movies of lead characters taking selfies in the movie.

    batman selfie

    Most of the characters portrayed here are from the fantasy genre which makes it funnier and cooler, too. Can you imagine heroes and villains taking selfies? From Edward of Twilight to Batman, from Joker to Gollum, from Frodo to Harry Potter, from King Leonidas to Superman, no one was spared in the making of this short video that shows us how social media has truly taken over our lives.

    Cheers to everyone who had a hand in making this one-of-a-kind video! And believe me, the hand is very prominent here.


    If you don’t like taking selfies, maybe this will change your mind. Nice shot there, Superman. Oh and you, too, Batman.

    Have fun watching!


    Sources: Movie Pilot

    Image sources: Movie Pilot, HitFLix

    Video source: YouTube




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