Phase 3: The Future of Marvel Comic Movies in One Poster?

  • With Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron being the last movie from Phase 2, Marvel Studios is now on the brink of their Phase 3 future plans. The 2014 San Diego Comic Con gave us a few reveals but still no concrete schedule for all of the studios’ schedule leading up to Avengers 3. A little more than a week after the Comic-Con a poster started leaking on the web with Marvel’s plans for Phase 3 supposedly on a set schedule. More than that, the photo suggests the titles for each one as well as the storylines that each movie will take, with more than a few being fan-favorite stories.

    Click below to see Marvels Phase 3 Future Movies in One Poster!

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    1. Insightful Panda said:

      The poster is fake. 100% fake actually. Plenty of sources have confirmed it as well as Marvel Studios themselves. Avengers 3 is the completion of the Infinity Gem saga and it also doesn’t take into consideration some of the things we learned at SDCC, which dates it.

    2. xander said:

      completely fan made and not official…secondly Edward Norton did not choose to not be in the Avengers movie, he was super stoked to work with him, Marvel on the other hand did not want to pay him the amount he asked for, they made an announcement, after agreeing he would be in the movie, that he would not get along with the cast and would not be able to portray Bruce Banner/Hulk the way they wanted him. His Agent soon came out after and basically said thats all BS and that they didn’t want to pay him.

    3. That Guy said:

      Wait…you do realize that Ragnarok is the Norse end-times where the forces of good and evil clash before being reborn and starting over, right? There was a clone with that name in recent times, but the (clearly fan-made) title almost certainly points to certain fans hoping that Marvel will tackle a climactic battle between Asgard and it’s foes.

    4. bonerdawg said:

      You cant see Black Panther, a classic Avenger and prominent Marvel character fitting into the MCU?
      And the Inhumans made a name for themselves in War of Kings, really? They’ve been pretty popular and prominent characters for a while.
      Read some comics please. And not terrible ones like Civil War.