New Features of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition Unveiled at Toy Box Summit

  • Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition is on a roll and ready to take gamers on an exciting new journey. The original story material was written by Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis featuring characters from the worlds of Marvel and Disney properties. It’s a merging of two popular franchises into a game which highlights the best characters of both.


    Salt Lake City, Utah played host to the Toy Box Summit by Disney. The following is an excerpt of what you can expect from the hugely popular and successful game according to Newsarama’s Lucas Siegel: 

    Disney Interactive knew they had something on their hands when they were entering the toys-to-life category with Disney Infinity, but the results surprised even them. Whether it’s the amount of adults playing, the nearly even number of boys and girls, or the enormous response to the content creation Toy Box mode, Disney fans shocked the developers at Disney Interactive’s Avalanche Software.

    And so, they decided to give back to those fans. With the first ever Toy Box Summit, select creators who have one submission competitions and been active in the community were brought to Salt Lake City, Utah for a weekend-long event. There, Toy Box experts from around the world got to meet in person for the first time, interact with each other and Avalanche team members, participate in panels – oh, and play with the new version of the game over a month before anyone else.

    Cool! I sure wish I was there for a chance to play the game ahead of everyone else, too.

    Check out the pics from the summit!

    Pixar Post - Toy Box Summit 01

    toy box artists map

    Pixar Post - Toy Box Summit 04

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    Source: Newsarama

    Image source: Newsarama, Pixar Post



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