Is Spider-Man Joining the Avengers: Age of Ultron Cast?

  • A mysterious figure, one that resembles Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, was seen in a photo during Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron shoot. Upon closer inspection, you can see Garfield wearing the Spider-Man costume underneath a hooded jacket with his head bowed, and his mask off dangling in front of him.


    The photo has gone viral, leading many newsmakers and fans to believe that Spider-Man is joining the Avengers and Marvel Studios, where he truly belongs.


    In the comics, Spider-Man was included in a roster revamp of the Avengers called the New Avengers written by Brian Michael Bendis. After many years of going solo and only joining teams on a part-time basis, the Wall Crawler finally joined the Avengers for good when Captain America formed a New Avengers from the ashes of the old.


    So does the image suggest that his movie counterpart has followed suit?

    Before we get all excited about this one, let’s analyze the photo for a while as the image isn’t what it seems to be.


    Ethan Havis of Movie Pilot explains.

    “Now we know that this is for sure Andrew Garfield/Spider-Man, but the real question is if this is real or not. I personally don't hope/think so, for many reasons. For one, the TASM2 producer (and former/part-time Marvel Studios producer), Avi Arad, said himself that a deal wouldn't be made with Marvel having Spider-Man in an Avengers (or any other Marvel) film unless he was the main focus. And since Marvel is a near-brilliant business, we know that they wouldn't lose profit to a smaller company just to do that. I won't get too much in detail, but if you're still interested, click here and here (articles by Marc Rod). Also, this is more than likely photo-shopped. Andrew/Spidey is clearly more blurry than the rest of the cast/crew, and his outline is very ‘cut out,’ especially around the arm and hood. He also appears to be walking, and everyone else clearly isn't. He wouldn't just be there on the side either, he'd be with the rest of the cast, or with Whedon and Taylor-Johnson if he was a part of the scene (not pulling his hood up while walking away from the ones on the side). And on a personal note, if he really was on set, I think that it would definitely be all over the internet, and as you can tell it isn't, since it was uploaded a few days ago and has had little to no notice. This would have also been announced by Marvel and/or Sony by now, because the appearance of Spider-Man (a very popular superhero owned by a separate company) is much more than an ‘Easter Egg,’ not to mention the possible confusion it might bring to others with no clue about the business alliance.”

    In other words, we’re looking at a fake photo by someone who either wants Spidey to join the Avengers so bad that he would resort to this or someone who simply wants to fool everyone or both.

    If you had a choice, would you want Marvel and Sony to join forces to bring the ultimate super-team with Spidey on the Avengers or do you prefer the Web Slinger to continue doing solo movies?

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    Source: Movie Pilot

    Image sources: Movie Pilot,, Yahoo



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