Gamora Left Out of the Guardians of The Galaxy Action Figure Set

  • Hasbro, Marvel’s official Guardians of the Galaxy toymaker, released a 2011 action figure set of the entire team but left off Gamora, the only female member. Apparently, you have to buy her separately from the entire team which might cost you a little bit more since her action figure is pretty tough to find. So why was she not part of the set?


    According to WYSK Contributor John Marcotte, an award-winning author who’s also into comics says,

    “I bet their logic is that adding Gamora would not gain any sales to girls, but might cost them some sales to female-averse boys. It’s a self perpetuating cycle: the toy companies say that girls won’t buy action figures so they only make them for boys. Girls who like action figures look and find absolutely nothing for girls, so they don’t buy anything. The toy companies say, ‘See? Told you. Girls won’t buy action figures.’” – from Women You Should Know


    Unlike the rest of the team, Gamora was designed later to look like her movie counterpart whereas the rest of her teammates’ set was released prior to the film’s announcement hence, the non-movie design. To complete the set with Gamora on your team, you’ll have to shell out between $19.99 – $24.99 IF you can find her. Another alternative would be to get her with Star-Lord but as a mini-figure 2-pack which I’m not sure would be the way to go here.

    For more on the “missing” Gamora figure, Women You Should Know says,

    To argue that this Gamora-less, 4-pack was based on the comic, not the movie is a moot point. The Guardians of the Galaxy are a 5-member team whether you are reading the comic or watching the movie. So they left Gamora, an equal member of the group, out when they designed this pack then, and she’s still super hard to find now that the movie is out and breaking box office records.

    Now, if you look at the official GotG movie-issue Galactic Battlers line from Hasbro, which is the $9.99 range marketed under “Toys & Games” to kids, Gamora is non-existent. There are 5 figures in this toy line, but sadly she is NOT one of them. Rather you can only get her 4 male team members and the male villain. Sorry kids!

    Do you think Hasbro and Marvel are wrong for leaving off Gamora or did they do the right thing by selling her action figure separately?

    Source: Women You Should Know

    Image sources: Women You Should Know


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