Easter Eggs from The Flash Pilot: What You Missed

  • I didn’t expect to watch the pilot episode of CW’s The Flash until later in the Fall but a leaked first episode can do wonders for a man’s wishes. A few days ago, somebody uploaded the pilot episode of the show but was taken down after about an hour. Too late.


    All the suspense abut how the Flash will do in his own series has now made believers out of almost every critic out there. Everyone who’s watched it has come to the conclusion that it’s a series worth following. And why not? After giving us one easter egg after another, followers of The Fastest Man Alive are all revved up for the series to start sooner.

    SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happened in the first episode of The Flash and if you don’t want to know about the Flash’s future.

    Reid Jones of Movie Pilot has done a wonderful job putting together every easter egg he could find from that leaked pilot. Here’s a sample of what he mentioned in the article.

    Zoom (or Professor Zoom)


    If you got to see the episode yourself, you could tell that there was a person in that yellow and slightly red zoom, and that my friends is Professor Zoom (probably not Zoom himself since he didn't come in the comics until later). Either way, we have ourselves a nice little tease at a villain.

    Gorilla Grodd's Cage


    YES! This one is one of my personal favorites! Now, in the comics Grodd is psychic because of alien experimentation on him, but by the looks of it, Grodd may have his origin story changed.

    My theory: Grodd broke out of his cage during the particle accelerator launch and broke the machine himself, and gained psychic abilities at it's destruction.

    Ferris Air (Green Lantern)


    Now this is a very nice tease. Ferris Air is the company that employs Green Lantern (think back to Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern flight simulation where he almost killed himself? Yeah that Ferris Air.) There's been speculation that after the Flash TV show, they could see Green Lantern cross over into the TV realm as well. I, for one, am all for it!

    The Mysterious Professor


    This is a tricky one but it gave us so many questions and was a decent cliffhanger. I'll be writing all about this very soon, as I am a superhero film theorist first and foremost, but I definitely have a hunch as to who this man REALLY is.

    Click on this link to read the rest of this spoilery good article from Movie Pilot!

    I also have my own theories about the ending to the show right here. It’s filled with spoilers, too, so be careful.

    The following easter eggs are ones I came up with to complement Jones’:

    A Singular Universe


    One of the most exciting easter eggs for me in the pilot was the one involving Ferris Air which, as mentioned, is a nod to Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. It’s a way to tease the fans about the upcoming Flash and Green Lantern movie team-up on Christmas of 2017. This could mean that DC’s movie and TV universes are one and the same after all. Isn’t it interesting that while the Batman vs. Superman movie is casting the other Justice League members, DC and Warner Bros. are keeping quiet about Flash and Green Lantern? Maybe it’s because these two have been cast already.

    Killer Frost


    The appearance of Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker, who will be Killer Frost soon, could mean that Firestorm will be making an appearance someday. Killer Frost isn’t in Flash’s rogues gallery primarily because she’s in Firestorm’s. A Firestorm TV series or movie could be in the works (depending on fans’ reception should he appear in The Flash) or he’ll join the others in the Justice League come 2017.

    Watch the rest of The Flash series which airs on October 12th, 2014.

    Source: Movie Pilot

    Image sources: Comic Alliance, Cosmic Book News, TheWebsiteOfDoom.com, dc.wikia.com, Comic Vine






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    2. Jorge Gaspena said:

      I think the Professor smilling comes from the fact that for him, the Flash is back. He’s responsible for the creation of the hero and that now they both can figure out why he dissapeared in the future. At least it’s how I see it.