DC Comics to Give DEATHSTROKE New Solo Series

  • Deathstroke is back with a new ongoing solo series in October. The announcement came this week from DC Comics via MTV.com who interviewed Tony S. Daniel, the writer and co-artist on the series along with Sandu Florea.

    The character formerly known in the 80’s as the Terminator, has enjoyed a huge resurgence when he appeared as the arch enemy on CW’s Arrow Season 2. That and his appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins has brought more exposure and thus, more fans into his fold.

    Deathstroke image

    To celebrate his return to a solo series, DC is releasing a new bust of Deathstroke, designed by the incomparable Jim Lee. Check out this beauty right here.




    MTV’s Alex Zalben interviewed Daniel on the new project which we’ll excerpt here.

    MTV News: So Tony, what drew you to Deathstroke? What makes him a compelling character for you?

    Tony S. Daniel: I’ve always been a big Deathstroke fan, dating back to my teenage years and he’s only gotten more bad-ass with time. He’s an incredible character, whether you’re playing him in a video game or watching him on TV or reading him in a comic book. People love Deathstroke now more than ever due to all the avenues he’s available in, myself included.

    I tell people he’s sort of like a tricked out Batman, but he’ll kill you. Of course he’s not anything like Bruce Wayne, but he is a man with money and the means to pay for the gadgets and weaponry he’ll need to accomplish any goal. I’ve always been drawn to characters with a dark side and I think that makes him complex and compelling.


     Deathstroke #1 cover

    You can click on this link to read the entire interview from MTV.

    If this Deathstroke series goes big, along with more appearances on Arrow or the Flash, could a solo TV show be far behind?

    Sources: Newsarama, MTV

    Image sources: MTV




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