DC Blinks First, Moves Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to March

  • Marvel and DC had been playing a game of who blinks first for their May 6, 2016 movie releases. A partner with Warner Bros. for their film franchises based on their comics, DC blinked moving Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to March 26, 2016.


    The two comic book and now movie and TV rivals had scheduled their release dates for their respective movies, Captain America 3 for Marvel and Batman v. Superman for DC on the same date, May 6, 2016. Though Marvel claimed the date first with an untitled film (before revealing it to be Cap 3), DC and Warner Bros. moved their release for the aforementioned Batman v. Superman from July to May 6. Marvel later announced that the untitled film was Captain America 3.

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    Marvel said later that they wouldn’t budge from the standoff between the two potential blockbuster movies which made it quite awkward, letting fans and moviegoers choose between Marvel and DC. With the announcement came relief from fans like us, letting us off the hook from making such a difficult choice. Whew!


    Along with the change of schedule for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC/Warner Bros. also announced the following release dates for the rest of their comics-related movies for the next five years. All of them are still untitled which leaves them up to our imagination as to what they might be.

    Here’s the schedule of DC / Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios so far based on Newsarama’s reports. Take note of their observation at the end of each studio’s schedule.


    March 25: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

    Aug. 5: Untitled DC Film


    June 23: Untitled DC Film

    Nov. 17: Untitled DC Film


    March 23: Untitled DC Film

    July 27: Untitled DC Film

    Nov. 16: Untitled WB Event Film Note: Hollywood Reporter says the two “WB Event Films” on the list are not DC Comics based


    Apr. 5: Untitled DC Film

    June 14: Untitled DC Film


    Apr. 3: Untitled DC Film

    June 19: Untitled DC Film

    Nov. 20: Untitled WB Event Film Note: Hollywood Reporter says the two “WB Event Films” on the list are not DC Comics based


    The claiming of release dates is a tactic Marvel Studios has used for years, and their most recent schedule, for your easy comparison, is here:



    May 1: Avengers: Age of Ultron

    July 17: Ant-Man



    May 6: Captain America 3 (not official title)

    July 8: Untitled



    May 5: Untitled

    July 28: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    Nov. 3: Untitled



    May 4: Untitled

    July 6: Untitled

    Nov. 2: Untitled



    May 3: Untitled


    There are no direct conflicts in the schedules, but DC/WB is trying, clearly, to take some of the wind out of Marvel Studios' sales by scheduling a couple of their releases as close as two weeks after Marvel's. More on this news as it develops.


    What a battle these two powerhouse studios are engaged in! No matter who wins, the real winners are the comic book fans and the movie-going public.


    Do you think DC moved first thinking that it would lose the battle with Marvel or was it simply a good, sound business decision?


    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


    Source: Newsarama

    Image sources: Newsarama, Lazy Panicker


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