Darkseid Confirmed as Main Villain in the Justice League?

  • Almost everyone who’s been following developments in the Justice League movie expects Darkseid to be the first villain that the League would encounter. When DC rebooted its comic universe into the New 52, the team accidentally fought together to fight off an enemy more powerful than any of them can face alone. That was the premise when the Justice League of America was formed in the 60’s and it was the same for 2011.

    Darkseid vs JL

    So that’s what the Justice League movie will get if The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider is correct in his assumptions. He says in his twitter account that,

    “No Martian Manhunter in JUSTICE LEAGUE? Not according to this agency grid, which lists DARKSEID as the villain… 

    — Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) June 12, 2014 (pic.twitter.com/lLwFwkXLkv)”

    No Martian Manhunter but a Darkseid appearance is all set it seems. If that’s true, then we can also expect a story similar to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s take on the formation of the League in the New 52’s Justice League #’s 1-6. But movie adaptations of superhero stories rarely follow the exact same plot as the comics. Just look at Iron Man 3 and X-Men: Days of Future Past as prime examples. The studios don’t want their movies to be predictable unless they’re unchangeable stories as in the case of Frank Miller’s 300 and Sin City.


    Of course, DC and Warner have yet to confirm Darkseid as the main villain but rumors are heating up that we will see him in the film based on what we’ve read from the comics.


    Screen Rant is hoping that Maxwell Lord appears as another villain for team and that the Martian Manhunter joins the team, too.


    So if Darkseid is going to be the big, bad, and powerful villain that the League will face in their first outing together, will we see some of the New Gods make an appearance as a another possible movie franchise for DC/Warner Bros.?


    Would you like Darkseid to be the antagonist to the Justice League or do you prefer someone else?


    Source: Screen RantMovie Pilot


    Image sources: Comic Vine, Comic Book Daily

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