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Director Adam Zielinski Reveals the Latest on Nightwing: The Series

Director Adam Zielinski Reveals the Latest on Nightwing: The Series

Reid Jones of Movie Pilot recently sat down with director Adam Zielinski on his upcoming Nightwing: The Series project. In the interview, Zielinski reveals some fascinating new info that gives fans a preview of what’s to come for season one. After the success of Ismahawk Studios’ short film Batman: Nightwingwas so successful on YouTube, netting 1.6

Will we have multiple Robins in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

As if we didn’t have enough rumors regarding the Batman vs Superman movie. Well…if you didn’t have enough of that here’s more speculation to entertain you. What if I told you we could be treated to multiple Robins and even other cool superheroes to join Batman & Superman? Well, the guys over at MoviePilot have

Iceberg Looks Exactly Like Batman

“Holy iceberg look-alikes, Batman! It’s you!” Robin sure has a way of stating the obvious. Though our initial reaction is to think that the photo was tampered with to make it look like Batman, it actually is not. A guy by the name of Mike Parsons was able to capture this particular iceberg at an angle

Batman, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman endorse Apple’s MacBook Air (sort of)

Apple has always been about being cool and hip since Steve Jobs started the company. Add Batman, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman in the mix and the product goes beyond hip and cool. Consider your wish granted. In Apple’s newest ad for the MacBook Air laptop, three of DC’s most popular characters appear in it, albeit

U.S. Military: To Make Real Iron Man Suit?

We have heard for a while that our friends in the Military have been secretly working on a prototype Iron Man. But no new information until recently. Oh my! Did we just say military together with Iron Man? Yes we did! So are we going to be seeing some of our military guys flying around in

Elektra to return to Marvel Universe?

Hey Elektra fans! We may have some scoop for you! Knowing that Daredevil’s rights is back to Marvel, it goes the same for Elektra and she may be coming to a TV screen near you! That’s right! Netflix may have just cast an actress who could be the next Elektra after Jennifer Garner. With the

DC All-Access: This Week Features The Injustice World Cup, Alex Ross’ Batman ’66 cover, and a New Klarion tile

The latest video from DC All-Access features an exciting video game battle between two legendary teams! Also, we have Alex Ross’ Batman ’66 meets the Green Hornet #5 cover and Ann Nocent’s new vision for Klarion, the Witch Boy. First up, there’s Alex Ross’ Batman ’66 meets the Green Hornet #5 cover where the Batman’s

New Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Trailer Reveals More Thrills

Marvel Studios has just released a new extended trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy and I must say that it is a must see! If the previous trailers haven’t convinced you yet that Guardians is a movie that you and your friends and family should be watching then this one should. The extended trailer,

Is Spider-Man Joining the Avengers: Age of Ultron Cast?

A mysterious figure, one that resembles Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, was seen in a photo during Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron shoot. Upon closer inspection, you can see Garfield wearing the Spider-Man costume underneath a hooded jacket with his head bowed, and his mask off dangling in front of him.   The photo has

Wolverine vs. Deadpool in X-Force Movie?

Superhero battles in the comics are always the coolest especially when pitting two popular heroes. Few, however, can match the commercial appeal of a Wolverine vs. Deadpool battle. Can you imagine if these two ever went at each other in a movie? Forget about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Don’t mention to anyone that it ever existed!

What Avengers: Age of Ultron Means for the Hulk’s Cinematic Future

The Hulk has been the subject of many speculations lately about a possible solo movie once again, this time starring Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo is the third actor to take on the role of Marvel’s green behemoth after two other seasoned actors, Eric Bana in Hulk and Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk. Both films didn’t

DC All Access: Dan Didio Discusses The Art of the New 52 on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman

DC All Access this week takes us to the office of Dan Didio, DC Entertainment’s Co-Publisher where he talks about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League. In the interview, Didio talks about how the core team of DC’s Big Three have to have the strongest titles in their entire line. He says that

75 Years of Batman: Changes Over the Years

A lot can happen in 75 years. If you’re as old as Batman, then you’ve probably gone through a lot of changes. Well, so has he. In fact, we used to call him “The Bat-Man” which means even his name has gone through a change, too. Newsarama took note of the ten biggest changes that the

Avengers: Age of Ultron Cast to Appear at Comic-Con with a Possible Major Secret to be Revealed

The cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming to the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 just in time, perhaps, to share a few scenes from the movie or possibly even a short trailer. Mark Ruffalo confirmed that all of them will be there. “Yeah, we’re gonna go out there. We’re all flying, we’re flying from

Eternally Batman: Catching Up on the Dark Knight

It’s 20 days to go before Batman Day, July 23, 2014, and everyone is getting excited for the event! Expect sales of all Batman-related merchandise to go up. Of course, the one that will most likely spike up in sales the most will be his books, from singles to graphic novels. DC is revving up

Official Trailer and Review for X-Men: No More Humans

It’s been almost two months since X-Men: No More Humans was released by Marvel as an original graphic novel after three decades since the classic X-Men: God Loves Man Kills was released in the 80’s. Reviews from readers on have been mixed and only nine customers have reviewed it so far.     I

Daniel Radcliffe as Robin? The Harry Potter Star Wants It

Daniel Radcliffe, the kid who grew up in the world’s eyes as Harry Potter, was interviewed by BuzzFeed where he revealed that his next dream franchise would be to star in… “Batman. If they reboot that again I’ll do that too. It’s happening, isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin, I’m perfect.” Now

New Posters for Fox’s ‘Gotham’ Show Familiar Faces and an Unfamiliar Name

Fox’s highly-anticipated and potential-filled show Gotham just released eight character posters to amp up viewers’ anticipation for the Fall. The posters are exclusive to Entertainment Weekly which feature images of each of the major characters set to appear some time in the series. As you may have already heard, the most interesting aspect of the

A Surprise Easter Egg from Captain America 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters last April with a bang, quickly becoming the movie that we’ve all hoped Captain America could be and more. Not only did we get to see future Avengers the Winter Soldier and the Falcon, but we were also teased with several Easter eggs, more specifically from the mouth