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Awesome STAR WARS Photos with a Dose of Everyday Life

Awesome STAR WARS Photos with a Dose of Everyday Life

What do you get when an adult’s repressed Star Wars dreams are within his grasp? Star Wars photos with a dose of reality, that’s what. Professional photographer Thomas Dagg decided to make his childhood daydreams into reality by letting us into the world he lived in as a Star Wars fan at a very young

20 Super Awesome DC and MARVEL COSPLAYS!

DC and Marvel superhero cosplayers are some of the most dedicated comic book fans in the world and to see these images the other day made me a believer even more. Movie Pilot’s Darragh O’Connor provided the incentive with his article on their website, to share it, and then to come up with a few

Captain America: Ice Bucket Challenge Champion!

Well…this was epic! Hilarious photo showing one of our favorite superheroes…Captain America frozen in ice. Sorry Ice Bucket superstars…no one can tough Mr. Rogers in this competition! Give your comments about this great pic and share with your friends.

SUPER FAN ART: Some of the Best we have Ever Seen!

We have seen some pretty cool fan art over the years but this collection is the best BY FAR! The artist is Maria (or deviantART name suspension99) from Ukraine. Her style is unlike anything you have ever seen. Truly amazing work! And for all you Deadpool fans, you’ll quickly realize soon enough that this artist loves Deadpool (which isn’t a bad thing)! Anyway,

DC Comics Get into the Halloween Fever This October

DC comics variants get into the Halloween fever with monster-themed covers befitting the occasion. The variants include DC’s most legendary heroes as you’ve never seen them before, as vampires, zombies, and mummies, among others. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Robin get the Halloween treatment this October right on time for trick-or-treat! Check them out

There is a thin line between hero and crazy!

There is DEFINITELY a thin line between being a hero and a crazy lunatic! And this image says it all! Of course superheroes always get away with this type of stuff. I  think we could apply this same type of question with other superheroes like Thor or Batman!  Comment below what you think about this

Is this Proof Max Steel Movie Coming Soon?

This was amazing! Are you a Max Steel fan? Well, if so you will love these images! These are just a taste of what we hope to be an awesome film for the future. Check it out and comment below! Max Steel Awesome Pose #1 Max Steel Awesome Pose #2 Ana Villafañe as Sofia Martinez

Poor Superman

Poor, poor Superman. Batman stealing his limelight once again with the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. What’s a superhero to do about it? Leave your comments and share if you like this funny pic!      

Thor has SUPERHERO in his DNA!

Batman is Bruce,  Superman is Clark, Iron Man is Tony. Etc, etc. But Thor is always….THOR! Funny we never really thought of that fact.  Give us your comments below on what you think about this!

The Poster Posse Celebrates Batman’s 75th Anniversary Phase 1

The Poster Posse has decided to join in on the celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary with a series of posters on the Dark Knight. If you are unfamiliar with the group, the Poster Posse describes itself as “a diverse collective of global artists who create highly desirable art for the movies you are dying to

Space Ghost In Disguise!

Just when you thought you were viewing a Batman…surprise! Space Ghost in disguise! Let us know what you think about this awesome image below!