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Can Deadpool and Harley Quinn ever be together? DC and Marvel have had crossovers before to bring us battles that used to be impossible. We’ve had Superman battle Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man, Batman fight Captain America, Wonder Woman go up against Storm, etc. But how about we have some love between the two comic book

Awesome Batman Comic Book Artwork!

We found some awesome comic book artwork from various artist provided by: kapasso. My favorite is the one of Wolverine. Incredible work! Enjoy! To see these crazy HOT comic book artwork images click the link below:  Awesome Batman Comic Book Artwork!

FAN ART: Batman Villains are the Subjects in Jason Mark’s ‘Usual Suspects’

Jason Mark’s ‘Usual Suspects’ series covers some of Batman’s most popular villains inspired by ‘Mugshots of Wonderfully Dapper 1920s Australian Criminals.’ The villains are depicted as having their mugshots taken from years past. Comic book fans are lovers of good art which is why we often prefer comics and graphic novels over plain-text novels. Comic

FAN SUPERHERO ART: Darren Rawlings Explores the Similarities Between DC Comics and Marvel SuperHeroes and Super-Villains

Fan art is fun art with Darren Rawlings’s Little Friends series. The artist takes DC Comics and Marvel super-heroes and super-villains from comic books to a face-to-face meeting with their counterpart from the “other” company. The result is a one-of-a-kind, cute, silly, antagonistic, yet always funny meet-and-greet between characters with a lot in common. Rawlings is

Superhero Kids: Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Have you ever wondered which superhero our favorite superheroes played when they were kids? Uhm…themselves? Andy Fairhurst seems to imply so in his series of artworks called Superhero Kids. Bat Kid   If Andy’s intention was to portray superheroes and super-villains as their younger selves playing their future selves, then he sure hit a jackpot with this

Amazing Marvel Art from Leinil Francis Yu

There’s no hiding from the spotlight when you have unbelievable talent. Artist extraordinaire Leinil Francis Yu has been at the helm of some of the biggest projects Marvel has to offer while working together with their best writers. Leinil is a Filipino comic book artist, who has become one of Marvel’s premiere pencilers. His dynamic

The Ultimate Superhero GIF!

Eat  your hearts out Superhero fans! We have found the ultimate superhero GIF! Pretty cool effect! Let us know what you think in your comments below! Enjoy!       Source:

The Best Fan-Designed Spidey Costumes!

Spider-Man is one of the most popular super-heroes in comic book and movie history. His costume, designed in the 60’s by Steve Ditko, is so iconic that it has stood the test of time. No matter how many different suits he wears, he always goes back to the classic web-design that has made Spidey a

Superhero Watercolors! Wow!

These are some of the best watercolors I’ve ever seen! The artist is Clémentine, a French designer/illustrator who used watercolor to depict some of our most popular superheroes in an amazingly simple but incredible way!   Superhero fans, see below and ENJOY!