Bruce Wayne the MMA Fan in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • There are hobbies and there are billionaire fan boy hobbies. Bruce Wayne is the latter, of course, being an MMA fan in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s one of those things that only billionaires like Mr. Wayne does when he’s not out patrolling the streets of Gotham as the Batman. This insider news comes to us courtesy of Chris Begley of Batman News.

    Click on the link below to find out how Bruce Wayne became an MMA Fan:

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    1. Daniel Holt said:

      If those are Batman’s colors for this movie that’s really cool. The suit looks way better with those colors. What would improve it is if he didn’t slump over, and if he had the yellow outline around the black bat symbol on the chest. He should be an MMA fighter for the movie. He wouldn’t need to monetary wise because he’s a billionaire. He would do better as a professional boxer. If he has the same knowledge as Bruce Lee then he should be the best boxer, and the best MMA fighter in the movie. As a boxer and as an MMA fighter he would have a lot of free time, and that would be a great way for him to promote his sports line for Wayne Enterprises. For boxing it’s $150 million a match if he’s a big enough deal. That’s just for one fight, that doesn’t count promotions, betting, or anything like that.

    2. Daniel Holt said:

      After looking at the suit again the yellow around the black bat symbol on the chest may not look as good, the big black bat symbol looks pretty cool there. I hope that’s not just photo shopped, and that those are really going to be the suit’s colors.